Canoe for Hunting

by Tatyana Ivanov
Ducks and mallards can be hunted from canoes.

Ducks and mallards can be hunted from canoes.

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Hunting from canoes requires a special boat set-up that increases the stability of the boat during sudden movement and weapon kick-back. Because of this, sport canoes are manufactured with an extra-long beam that increases stability and has additional features, such as camouflage painting and swiveling seats, which increases the ease of the canoe huntsman.

Sport Canoes

Sport canoes are designed with hunting in mind and have many features that traditional canoes lack. Because of the velocity of the kick-back on rifles and other hunting guns, firing weapons from canoes requires the vessel to have an extra degree of stability to prevent it from flipping. Because of this, sport canoes have longer support beams than traditional canoes. Sport canoes are also typically painted in a camouflage pattern to allow the canoe hunter to remain unseen by his prey. Many sport canoes have additional features, such as swiveling seats, that allow the hunter to shoot from various angles.


Drifting quietly along a river or stream, the huntsman has the opportunity to stalk many different types of prey. Along wooded riverbeds, deer and other mammals can frequently be seen emerging from the woods to drink from the fresh water. Rivers and streams are also hot spots for hunting waterfowl and other birds, such as ducks, mallards and geese. Wetland areas, ponds and other bodies of fresh water are also popular places for hunting waterfowl from a canoe.

Other Gear

The canoe huntsman can use a variety of additional gear to make his hunting experience more fruitful. For duck hunters, placing decoy ducks in the water helps draw live fowl closer to the canoe, making them easier to shoot. Paddles that have been painted in a camouflage pattern are available for canoe huntsmen who are looking to reduce their visibility. Guns, rifles and bows can all be used as weapons for canoe hunting, though most sportsmen choose the weapon with which they are most accurate. Additionally, existing canoes with long support beams can be modified to hunting canoes by painting them camouflage patterns and installing swiveling seats.


Sportsmen hunting duck from a canoe tend to anchor in an estuary and drop decoys into the water while waiting for their prey. The canoe can be camouflaged by covering it with the brush of the surrounding area. Additionally, duck hunters can drift along rivers and fire at ducks that land in the water around them. These techniques can also be utilized by sportsmen hunting for mammals along the banks of the river. When firing his rifle from a canoe, the sportsman must secure it on his body to minimize the kick-back and prevent him from flipping over.

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