Candy Bar Memory Game for a Baby Shower

by Chelsea Oliver
Baby shower memory games are both fun and challenging.

Baby shower memory games are both fun and challenging.

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Baby showers are celebrations where an expectant mother is gifted with items to prepare her for the birth of her baby. Many baby shower hosts also choose to serve refreshments and play games alongside the gift-giving to make the event fun for everyone involved. Challenge baby shower guests with a candy bar memory game, which rewards successful players with sweet chocolate treats.


While many baby shower games, such as "guess the size of the belly," require simple supplies such as string and scissors, the candy bar memory game requires a variety of materials. According to the Fun Baby Shower Games website, the host or individual in charge of the game will need index cards, double-sided tape, poster board, a pen or marker and at least 10 candy bars. The former supplies can be found at a craft or hobby store and the candy bars can be purchased from a candy or grocery store.


Setting up the candy bar memory game is relatively simple and can be done in advance. Choose ten baby or pregnancy-related phrases, such as "epidural," "breastfeeding," "girl's name" and "baby giggle." Write these phrases on 20 index cards so that their is a matching pair of each word and arrange the index cards in a 5-by-4 grid on a poster board, with the words facing down. Attach the index cards to the poster board using double-sided tape and the game is ready to be played by baby shower guests.

Game Play

Each baby shower guest must attempt to choose matching index cards by picking two to flip over. If the terms on the index cards do not match, the player must flip the index cards back over and allow the next guest to play. If the player successfully chooses matching cards, she removes the index cards from the poster board and is rewarded with the corresponding candy bar. The game is continued until all of the matches have been made and the poster board is empty.

Candy Bar Rewards

The candy bar prizes given out for players who choose matching pairs correspond to the baby or pregnancy term in question. The Fun Baby Shower Games website recommends giving out a candy bar such as "Milky Way" for the term "breastfeeding," or the candy bar "Three Musketeers" for the term "triplets." Other entertaining pairs include "Baby Ruth" for the term "girl's name," "Snickers" for the term "baby giggle" and "Skor" for the term "night of conception." Your guests will really get a kick out of the humorous matching candy bar prizes.

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