What Can I Do as a Talent for a Pageant Show?

by Rebekah Martin
Singing is a popular talent for beauty pageants.

Singing is a popular talent for beauty pageants.

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Most beauty pageants or shows require contestants to perform a talent on stage for the audience and judges. From small children to adults, the talent must be something that is entertaining to watch. There are many different things you can pick; often the only criteria is that it not be dangerous for the individual or the audience. Choose a talent that will wow the judges to get you the win.


Singing is a very popular choice for people in pageants. Choose a song that plays to your voice; if you can sing high soprano notes, don't pick a song in a low key. Opera is a lovely choice if you know how to sing it; songs in a foreign language are also good because they showcase international interests. Choose a song from a play or musical and act out the part as you sing; you want to stand out from the other singers in the pageant.

Playing Instruments

Pageant contestants have been playing musical instruments as a way to showcase their talents for a long time. The piano is an obvious choice to play and quite lovely when done right. Playing another instrument, however, will make you stand out more to the judges. Harps, guitars, drums or even the harmonica all sound wonderful when played by someone with skill. If you are starting pageants at an early age, choose an instrument to learn that is uncommon. If you already play the violin but feel it doesn't stand out enough, try your hand at the viola or cello; both stringed instruments, they nevertheless stand out just a bit more.


Ballet, tap and jazz are three very popular dances that many young girls learn. They can be lyrical and magical to watch if done correctly. Pick a song you love and get someone to help choreograph a routine for you. Other dances that may not be as common, but are still interesting to watch, are belly dancing, Irish step dancing or even clogging. Break dancing, while cute when done by little girls, may not be appropriate for an adult to do. While it may not technically be dancing, a routine done on roller skates would be very entertaining to watch.

Other Ideas

Baton twirling used to be more popular than it is now. Although flaming tips are discouraged because of the danger, a choreographed routine is fun for the audience to watch. Pick an upbeat song to go along with your routine. If twirling isn't your thing, consider a martial arts or gymnastics routine. Both of these show off your skill while still being entertaining to watch. Reciting a poem or doing a dramatic reading is also a great talent to show off.

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