Can I Receive DirectTV in New Jersey?

by Kimberly Turtenwald

DirecTV offers hundreds of television channels through its nationwide satellite service. The base package features many of the same channels as cable companies as well as local channels. You can build on the base package at an additional cost, adding premium channels such as HBO and Showtime and HD channels. New Jersey residents are eligible to purchase service, but must meet several requirements.


You must have a clear view of the southern sky from some point on your property. While the satellite dish may work if there is a tree or bush partially blocking it, there also may be signal issues, especially in the summer months when the tree or bush has leaves.


DirecTV employs contractors to install the service and there are several companies in New Jersey to choose from, including US Direct, Direct Star TV and TV by Direct. In some cases, you can order your DirecTV service directly from these companies. You also can order your service online through the DirecTV website or through an electronics retailer that offers DirecTV. When you purchase online or through an electronics retailer, they can arrange installation if you require it.


As of June 2011, DirecTV has packages starting at $25 per month. The base package includes more than 150 channels that include local New Jersey channels. The second tier package offers an additional 60 channels. Other packages can include movie channels and specialty sports channels. When purchasing your satellite dish, choose the package that best fits your viewing needs.


When you purchase your service, you must decide whether you want to add-on options. If you want to take advantage of high-definition channels, you should choose an HD receiver. Otherwise, a regular receiver is adequate. If you want to record shows, choose a receiver that also has a DVR. Both HD and DVR services through DirecTV require an additional monthly fee. There's also a monthly fee for each receiver you have in your home.

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