How Can I Get High Speed Internet if I Live in Vansant, Virginia?

by Megan Weber
High speed Internet is available for most residents in Vansant, Virginia.

High speed Internet is available for most residents in Vansant, Virginia.

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Obtaining high speed Internet in Vansant, Virginia takes a few phone calls, but the task can be done. You are required to have an address in Vansant at the time of calling to determine whether high speed access is available in your neighborhood. Once you have an address, call one of the providers located within Vansant to enquire whether high speed Internet is available to you. Once you have selected a provider, set up an appointment to have high speed Internet installed within your home.

Step 1

Call one of the local high speed internet providers in Vansant, Virginia. There are two providers in the area. Comcast can be reached at 866-928-9135 and Time Warner Cable is available at 877-646-8994.

Step 2

Tell the provider your address and choose the high speed Internet plan of your choice. Comcast states that its high speed Internet runs at speeds between 12 to 20 Mbps. Time Warner provides Road Runner Internet, which it advertises at speeds at "four times faster than standard DSL packages."

Step 3

Ask the provider if any special deals are available from either Comcast or Time Warner Cable for new customers in the Vansant area.

Step 4

Provide the service provider of your choice with the appropriate billing information. Set up monthly billing to secure continuous service.

Step 5

Set an appointment for either Comcast or Time Warner Cable to install high speed Internet in your home. After the tech has left, high speed Internet will be running in your home.

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