What Can I Do for a Black & White Theme Party?

by Donni Jones
Serve white wine at your black and white party.

Serve white wine at your black and white party.

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At a party at which black and white is going to be the theme, let these two colors be your inspiration. All aspects of your party, including food, entertainment, food and drink can cleverly reflect this theme and guests will appreciate this unique change from the every-day get together.


Decorate with all things black and white: streamers, balloon clusters, a flower bouquet, ribbons and candles. During winter, hang black paper snowflakes and white paper snowflakes. Plug in white Christmas lights for added twinkle. Make centerpieces for the food table or accent pieces for the room by carving balls of various sizes from Styrofoam, spray painting some white and some black and using them to fill vases of various sizes. In your invitations, invite guests to come dressed in black and white.


For party games, play Who Am I with black-and-white animals: write an animal on a card (skunk, panda, zebra, killer whale, penguin, Dalmatian, etc.), tape one to everyone's forehead and let everyone mingle, asking questions until they figure out what they are. Cut a large cardboard circle and a smaller one, spray paint one black and one white, then blindfold party guests and give everyone a chance to affix the smaller to the larger, dead center. If it's a good weather day, hide small black and white Styrofoam balls all over the yard for a scavenger hunt.


Also have a karaoke competition, with such songs as "Baby's in Black" by The Beatles, "White Wedding" by Billy Idol, "Black or White" by Michael Jackson, "White Riot" by The Clash, "Black" by Pearl Jam, "Pretty Fly For A White Guy" by The Offspring and "Black Balloon" by the Goo Goo Dolls. And for contest prizes and party favors, shop for inexpensive items with a black and white print on them such as key chains, bottle openers, candles, coasters and notepads that have a polka dot pattern on them in dollar stores.


Feed guests with food that fits the theme. Individual white pizzas dotted with black olives, bowls of black bean soup garnished with blobs of sour cream, white cheese cubes rolled in black sesame seeds and white corn chips with black bean dip are some good savory suggestions. For sweets, try white cheesecake with black sprinkles or sugar cookies with black and white icing. For beverages, serve white Russians and black Russians, or for a kids' party, vanilla milk and black punch, made with grape Kool-Aid.

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