Camping in Puerto Fuy, Chile

by Kristy Ambrose
An example of the lakes and wildlife found in southern Chile.

An example of the lakes and wildlife found in southern Chile.

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Puerto Fuy is a small town of about 1,200 people on the shores of Lake Pirehueico in the Rivers Region of southern Chile. Those who wish to take advantage of the outdoors in this verdant and ecologically unique area by camping have a few options to choose from. Camping sites in Chile are often very modest, lacking in amenities like heat and hot water, unless you are close to a popular tourist attraction.

Huilo Huilo

The part of the Patagonian Mountains that extends into the area of Puerto Fuy contains the Reserva Biologica Huilo Huilo (, a part of the UNESCO Biosphere since 1997 and is also a Chilean National Park. Huilo Huilo is equipped with a more modern campsite facility that includes electrical hookups and hot and cold running water. The campsites at Huilo Huilo are seasonal, as are the rates, and construction can also affect access, so contact the park before visiting.

Private Camping

Nearby Isla de Pascua on Lake Pirehueico offers many opportunities for camping as well as rustic and natural accommodations. One example is Camping Mihinoa (, which offers beachfront camping under the watchful eye of Easter Island-esque statues. You can rent a tent, complete with mattress and sleeping bag, for $12 (U.S.). Prices to stay are $11 per person for a night. Always bring your own light source, as electricity is available only in the kitchen and bathrooms, and take your trash out with you.

Cabanas and Palapas

Budget accommodations like hostels, palapas and cabana rental places line the various lake shores near Puerto Fuy in southern Patagonia, offering little for conventional tent sites outside of the areas national parks. However, these accommodations are often quite rustic, consisting of little more than a simple roof in some cases. Sleepy and relatively small Puerto Fuy has both rustic and modern options thanks to its proximity to Hulio Hulio and the Argentinian border.

Camping Tours

The ecological interest the region holds, which includes sights like live volcanoes and unique wildlife, can be combined with a camping trip and tour. Many tour companies operating the region, such as Kayak Australi ( offer four-day tours that include the lakes of the area, Huilo Huilo and Puerto Fuy. Their Pirehueico Lake crossing tour lasts for four days and consists of kayaking along the lakes and ocean during the day and camping on the shore at night.

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