Camping Invitation Ideas

by Kimberly Turtenwald
Camping in the backyard is a fun sleepover option for kids.

Camping in the backyard is a fun sleepover option for kids.

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Whether you offer to host your child's friends on a camping trip or you want to throw a backyard camping party, the invitation should reflect the nature of the event. By getting creative with the invitation, you'll be able to show your guests what to expect. A camping theme allows for plenty of options with the invitations.

Invitation Design

Camping out provides lots of options for your invitation design. Instead of using a store-bought invitation, make your own. Trace and cut out the shape of a tent, campfire or RV on thin card stock. Color it in if you want, then write the event details in black ink. Another option: Buy plain white invitations and color them dark blue with yellow stars and a moon to represent sleeping outside. Nature postcards also make a good invitation alternative.


You can use typical invitation wording for a camping invitation, however, you can get creative with your wording as well. For instance, you could write, "Come celebrate my birthday under the stars," or "To celebrate Susie turning 15, we're camping in a tent, so bring your canteen." Use wording that reflects that you will be camping for the party so your guests know what to expect and arrive prepared. A good way to get the point across, for example, is to put the location of the party as "Camp Smith" instead of your home.

Important Information

Include any important information on your invitation without making it too cluttered. You also could supply some of this information on an insert tucked in with the invitation. If the outing will take place at a campground, provide an address and directions, especially if you are not transporting the guests yourself. Include a list of items each guest should bring, such as a sleeping bag, change of clothes, pillow and flashlight. Since this is an outdoor activity, choose a rain date and let your guests know what type of weather would postpone the trip, such as rain or cool temperatures.

Creative Touches

A simple paper or card stock invitation easily serves the purpose of letting guests know when your party is, where and what type of party. However, you can add creative touches to make the invitation stand out more. For instance, make a S'mores pack by placing a graham cracker, chocolate bar and marshmallows in a sandwich bag and stapling it to the invitation. Note: This method will work only if you hand-deliver your invitations. Another option: Attach a small camping-related item, such as a compass or flashlight keychain, to the invitation as an embellishment.

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