Campgrounds in Mable Lake, BC

by Gina Scott

Located in the southern part of the Canadian province of British Columbia, Mabel Lake is surrounded by forested slopes that lead to the nearby Monashee Mountains. It's a favorite location for outdoor pastimes. Fishermen will have an opportunity for great catches at Mabel Lake; rainbow trout are available year-round. If you want to spend the night in the stunning landscape, several camping options are available.

Mabel Lake Provincial Park

Mabel Lake Provincial Park offers many camping opportunities for visitors. It is so popular that it is usually at full capacity during the summer months. While the campground is open all year long, full services, such as water and security, are only available from the beginning of April through mid-October. With 81 campsites that are accessible by vehicle, the park is quiet and serene, attracting those who want a break from their urban surroundings.

Mabel Lake Resort & Airpark

At the Mabel Lake Resort & Airpark, there are several activities available during the summer to keep campers entertained, such as barbecue dinners and a fishing derby, while a golf course is only minutes away. As reflected in its name, you can drive or fly in to this location. After you have parked your car, or plane, and unpacked your tent, wander the resort's sandy beaches or rent a boat for the day. Try your skill at some fishing and end your day gathered around a campfire.

Grand Lodge of British Columbia Mabel Lake Campground

The Grand Lodge of British Columbia is part of the Odd Fellows organization, a society with roots going back to the mid-1700s. The Odd Fellows was formed with the purpose of establishing funds to help its members when one was unemployed or otherwise distressed. Its campground at Mabel Lake, which also features cabins and programs for youth groups, is open to lodge members within the Odd Fellows organization and their families.

Noisy Creek

Mabel Lake has several points of interest. Noisy Creek is located on the northern sandy shore of the lake. Besides offering various locations to camp, Noisy Creek has many designated nature trails for hikers. There are plenty of swimming and fishing opportunities and a concrete boat launch is available for motorboats.

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