"Camp Rock" Birthday Party Ideas for Tables

by Kent Page McGroarty
The Jonas Brothers star in

The Jonas Brothers star in "Camp Rock."

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The Disney film "Camp Rock" stars the Jonas Brothers and actress Demi Lovato. It follows the adventures of an aspiring singer who makes it into the prestigious Camp Rock through her mother's catering business. Create Camp Rock party tables that incorporate the two main colors used in Camp Rock merchandise, blue and purple.


Tableware options for a Camp Rock birthday include paper plates, cups and napkins with Camp Rock images and characters. Such items are often available in party packages on assorted party supply websites. If you do not want to use character-driven tableware, use purple and blue plates and cups made of paper, plastic or ceramic. Choose blue and purple cloth napkins and secure them with either blue or purple strips of cloth to contrast with the napkin color. Plastic purple and blue flatware is also an option.

Place Cards

Create place cards for each guest using card stock or other sturdy paper material. Use place cards in the shapes of guitars with the guest names written in purple or blue glitter on the guitar body or cards shaped like CDs in purple and blue colors. Write the guest names in a rainbow shape over the top portion of the "CDs." Or you could print and cut out images of Camp Rock characters and paste them on card stock and add the guest names above them.

Table Decorations

For a centerpiece, consider purple and blue balloon clusters interspersed with foil balloons featuring images of the cast. Use balloon weights to keep the clusters in place. Arrangements of small toy musical instruments are another option; they could be spray-painted blue and purple if desired. Toy microphones, Camp Rock soundtrack CDs and dolls could also be arranged as a centerpiece. Sprinkle blue and purple confetti, sequins and faux jewels over blue and purple tablecloths.


Set small favor bags filled with Camp Rock-inspired goodies next to place settings on the table. If you wish, use Camp Rock tote bags. Ideas for favors include Camp Rock sticker sheets, glow sticks, microphone key chains and magnets, glittery blue and purple bracelets and necklaces, singing Camp Rock pens, puzzles or paper visors. Camp Rock soundtracks or Jonas Brothers CDs would also be appropriate.

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