Camouflage and Hunting Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

by Erin Ringwald
Use camouflage to theme your next hunting party.

Use camouflage to theme your next hunting party.

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Whether the guest of honor is a teenager who loves to hunt in full camouflage gear or is a little one fascinated by the sport, a camouflage and hunting party is the theme for you. Use supplies from the local craft store or hunting supply store to create a party sure to delight the birthday boy or girl.


Create your own camouflage invitations to announce the party theme to the guests. Tear or cut pieces of card stock into random shapes. For traditional camouflage use khaki and two shades of green. For less traditional, use three colors of your choosing, such as pink, grey and purple. Use craft glue to adhere the torn pieces of paper to a 4-by-6-inch piece of white card stock in a random camouflage pattern. Cut away any pieces of paper that stick out from the edge of the card. After the glue dries, turn the card over and write the party details on the back.


Decorate the party venue using themed supplies. Cover tables with camouflage tablecloths or visit a craft store and purchase camouflage fabric to use as tablecloths. Hang net hunting blinds on the venue's walls. If the party is outdoors, set up a hunting blind shelter. Place decoys around the venue. Use wooden silhouettes or three-dimensional decoys. Use hunting weapons, such as unloaded guns or sheathed hunting knives. However, if the guests are younger, skip the actual weapons and use toy models. Hang mounted animals on the venue wall as well to act as hunting trophies.

Goodie Bags

Create gift bags for the guest to thank them for coming. Fill camouflage treat bags with small plastic deer, ducks or other animals for hunting. Include small water guns or other hunting-themed toy weapons. Bake a batch of sugar cookies. Use colored frosting in camouflage colors to decorate the cookies. Place the cookies inside of cellophane bags and place them inside the goody bags.


Carry the party theme over to the cake. Create a square or round layer cake. Tear pieces of fondant from three colors, such as two shades of green and brown. Arrange the pieces of torn fondant onto the work surface. Use a rolling pin to roll the fondant pieces together to create a camouflage look. Cover each layer of the cake with buttercream frosting to act as glue and stack the layers. Cover the layered cake with the sheet of camouflage fondant. Create shotgun shells by molding pieces of red fondant or modeling chocolate into a cylinder shape. Add a yellow or gold tip on the end of the shells. Place seven to eight molded shells onto the cake.

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