California Honeymoon Packing Checklist

by Kyra Sheahan
Plan for sunny days in California.

Plan for sunny days in California.

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When you pack for your honeymoon you want to have the right balance of essentials without stuffing your suitcase to the point that it becomes immobile. If you're going to California on your honeymoon, leave items such as shampoo or soap that you can purchase when you arrive off your packing checklist, and make room for an extra pair of jeans in case it rains.

Appropriate Clothing

Check the weather forecast in the part of California where you will be staying, and plan your clothing appropriately. California sometimes has unpredictable weather patterns, and can be cold in the morning, warm during the day and cold again at night. Make sure you have clothes for layering, such as long pants and a sweater in case of the rain -- even if you are taking your honeymoon in the summer -- and hot weather gear such bathing suits and sundresses if you plan to hit the beach or pool. Extra pairs of socks are a good idea, too.


Think about what you will be doing when you and your new spouse get to California so you can plan your shoe selection. From SeaWorld in the south to the vineyards in the north, California is full of sights and activities. Flip-flops or sandals, sneakers and formal footwear are essential for lounging around, long walks or side trips, and going out at night.

Necessary Accessories

A honeymoon in California could mean time in the sun, so some necessary accessories to add to your packing checklist include sunglasses, sunscreen, which you can also buy when you get there, special hair styling tools to tame frizzies caused by the California humidity, a cute beach tote and an in-case-of-sunburn emergency kit. Also, you'll want to document your honeymoon so bring along your digital camera, charger and batteries so that you can snap pictures on your trip. You might even consider bringing a digital video recorder.

Navigational Tools

If you and your spouse are driving to California, or renting a car after you arrive, bring along navigational tools. Maps and GPS systems will help you find your way around the large state. Before you leave, map out points of interest so you spend more time enjoying your honeymoon and less time deciding what to see.

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