What Cable Companies Are in Hermiston, Oregon?

by Andrea Askins

Located in northeastern Oregon, the city of Hermiston is serviced by one cable company: Charter Communications. Charter, the fourth-largest cable service provider in the United States as of 2011, offers cable television, high-speed Internet and phone services. The nearest Charter sales office to Hermiston about a 30-minute drive away, in Kennewick, Wash.

Digital Cable TV

Charter offers four tiers of cable service to Hermiston residents: Digital TV, Digital TV Premium Package, Digital TV with Latino View, Digital TV with HD and Sports View. Digital TV includes more than 100 channels, Digital TV with Latino View includes 10 additional channels in Spanish-language programming and Digital TV with HD and Sports View includes 10 additional regional sports channels. The Digital TV Premium Package allows subscribers to choose either one or all three combinations of HBO and Cinemax; Showtime and TMC; and Starz, Encore and EPIX programming.

HD, DVR and On Demand

Charter offers three additional services for cable television subscribers: high definition television, digital video recorders and On Demand. To receive HD programming, subscribers receive a Charter HD receiver and must have an HD capable television. If customers choose to add DVR service, they are able to pause live television, record an entire TV series or record a show while watching another. To provide DVR service, Charter will supply customers with a DVR receiver. On Demand programming lets subscribers watch movies and TV programs instantly from their receiver. Many programs and movies are free, and those that are not free are billed to a customer's account.

Internet Service

In addition to its cable television service, Charter offers five tiers of Internet service to Hermiston residents. Charter Internet Lite is the most basic plan, and it has a downstream speed of up to 1 Mbps, which is best for checking email, instant messaging and general web surfing. The Internet Ultra 60 plan is the fastest plan, with downstream speeds of up to 60 Mbps. This plan is best for gaming online, downloading full-length movies, video conferences and sharing large files. Regardless of the Internet service plan selected, subscribers receive up to 10 email addresses, with 1GB of storage per email address.

Bundled Packages

Charter offers several bundled packages to Hermiston residents, and they provide a price reduction. The availability and pricing of these packages change during promotional periods and generally require a two-year commitment. Among the packages frequently offered are TV Basic and Internet Express, Digital TV and Internet Express, TV Digital Sports and Internet Lite, and Digital TV Plus and Internet Express.

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