Butterfly Wishing Wells for a Baby Shower

by Edith Quinn
Use butterfly wishing wells at your butterfly-themed baby shower.

Use butterfly wishing wells at your butterfly-themed baby shower.

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While butterflies may symbolize different things in various cultures, these fluttering and graceful creatures represent renewal, life and happiness in Western countries. They also make for the perfect theme for a baby shower, regardless of the sex of the baby. You can enhance your baby shower theme by having butterfly wishing wells at your event.

Wishing Well Supplies

You can buy wishing wells typically used at bridal showers and weddings and easily convert them to meet your needs by making your own butterflies out of bright tissue paper and pipe cleaners for decorations. You can also create your own wishing well. Purchase a large wicker basket or large box and tape a "roof" over the top made from a folded piece of cardboard and two paper towel roll tubes. Decorate it with paper butterflies. You may want to wrap ribbon around your well and top it with a bright, colorful bow.

Gift Table

Wishing wells are typically used to hold cards and small gifts for the expectant mother. If guests bring larger presents that won't fit into the wishing wells, set aside a gift table decorated with butterflies to hold larger gifts.


Use your imagination if you want your wishing wells to hold large, bulky gifts. A cradle, bassinet or laundry basket not only make for good substitutions, but also double as practical gifts the expectant mother can take home and use once the baby arrives. Use empty gift-wrap rolls in combination with a cardboard roof to complete the wishing-well look. Decorate your wishing wells with butterflies that can be easily removed once the shower is over. To avoid damaging fragile gifts, gently lay presents into the wishing well, placing heavy gifts at the bottom.

"Well Wishes"

Everyone loves to wish the happy mom-to-be well. Set aside a smaller butterfly wishing well with the sole purpose of collecting the "well wishes" of the guests. Hand out colorful pieces of paper cut in the shape of butterflies and ask guests to write down their wishes for the mom-to-be. Collect the wishes and place in the wishing well before presenting them to the expectant mother. She can read them out loud at the shower or take them home to read privately.

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