Butterfly Party Crafts

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A pattern like this works well for butterfly cutouts.

A pattern like this works well for butterfly cutouts.

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Butterflies represent warm weather and sunshine. Butterfly party crafts are made for brunches, specialty parties, such as bridal and baby showers, and birthdays or anniversaries. Choose the colors of your butterfly crafts to coordinate with the occasion. You can either make the butterflies to use as decorations or supply your guests with the needed supplies and let them create their own fluttering creation.

Tissue Paper Butterflies

Make tissue paper butterflies from fuzzy pipe cleaners and colorful tissue paper. You need the long pipe cleaners available at your local craft store. Fashion two pipe cleaners into the shape of the butterfly wings for small butterflies. For large butterflies, use one pipe cleaner for each of the four wing sections. Use a matching colored pipe cleaner to attach the wings together and form a butterfly body. Bend a small piece of one pipe cleaner in half and curl the edges by wrapping them around a pencil. Twist the antennae into place. Cut tissue paper to the shape of the wings. Run a bead of craft or hot glue along the edge of the wing-shaped tissue paper. Lay the coordinating pipe cleaner wing onto the glue. Allow the tissue paper butterflies to dry for at least an hour. Hang your butterflies around the party area with fishing line to make it look like the insects are floating.

Butterfly Cutouts

Butterfly cutouts are made with construction paper and cellophane. Party stores carry cellophane in a wide variety of colors and patterns. The patterns add interest to the butterfly cutouts. Select a simple pattern for the butterflies and copy the pattern onto sheets of construction paper. Lay out two butterflies, one on top of the other, and use a craft knife to cut out sections of the wings. When you are satisfied with the pattern, cut a sheet of cellophane to fit between the two butterflies. Run a bead of glue along the inside and outside edges of the paper butterflies. Lay the cellophane on top. Glue the second butterfly on top of the cellophane. Allow the butterflies to dry completely before using. To hang the butterfly cutouts, make a hole with a hole punch and tie a string or ribbon to the butterfly.

Butterfly Pot Huggers

Whether you use salt dough or polymer clay to form the butterflies, the outcome is a cute decoration for the flower pots and window boxes in the garden. Use your favorite salt dough recipe and make butterflies in all shapes and sizes. Before you bake the butterflies, insert a V-shaped piece of wire to the underside of the butterfly. The bent part of the wire goes into the body and the two ends stick out above the head section. Once the butterflies are baked, paint them and seal with a clear acrylic spray. Bend the two wires down into loops. Use the wire loops to hang your butterfly onto the edge of any flower pot. If you use polymer clay to form the butterflies, there is no need for painting once the insects are baked. Insert the wire into the polymer clay exactly as you would for the salt dough butterflies.

Garden Butterflies

Wire coat hangers work as the base for outdoor garden butterflies. Remove the hook from two wire hangers with a pair of wire cutters. Use the pieces of wire to join the two hangers together in the form of a butterfly. Spray paint the wire butterfly in your choice of colors. Add some bling to the creation with plastic streamers or Mylar foil strips. You can either hang the wire butterflies from trees in the garden or secure the butterflies to a metal stake for free-standing garden art. Paint the butterflies each year to keep them from rusting.

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