Butterfly Crafts for Invitations

by Chrystal Doucette
Capture the beauty of the butterfly in your handmade invitations.

Capture the beauty of the butterfly in your handmade invitations.

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Butterflies make welcoming invitations for birthdays, weddings, housewarming parties and other events. The butterfly represents beauty, color, symmetry and positiveness. Turning your invitations into a craft project adds a personal touch to the mix. Because the cards are handmade, each guest will receive a card different from other guests. You can complete the projects using basic materials like paper and scissors.

Butterfly-Shaped Card

Make the entire invitation look like a butterfly by cutting a card into the shape of butterfly wings. Using a pencil, trace the shape of a butterfly wing onto a pre-folded blank card so that the outer edge of the wing is positioned toward the card opening. Keep the card closed as you cut your tracing out with scissors. Open the card to reveal a whole butterfly. Use paint, marker or crayon to make butterfly markings on the front and back of the card. Color the butterfly's body along the card's spine.


Create collage-style invitations using photos of butterflies. Clip pictures of butterflies found in magazines and online. Make sure they vary in size, shape and color. Use a big butterfly as the focal point, and mix a few medium-sized butterflies in with plenty of smaller butterflies. Paste the images to a card or flier-style invitation. Cover the whole invitation with overlapping butterflies for a true collage effect, or use them as accents on a simpler invitation.

Pop-Up Card

Make a butterfly appear to spring from your card when it's opened. Cut out a medium-sized butterfly image made of paper. Take a short strip of paper about thumb width and fold it accordion style. Glue one end of the paper to the butterfly and the other end to the inside of the card. When the invitee opens the card, the butterfly will pop up. The more creases in your strip of paper, the more momentum the butterfly has. Repeat the steps to make multiple butterflies spring from the same card.

Die-Cut Cards

Use a die cutter or knife to make a butterfly window for your card. Cut a butterfly shape into the front of your card so that the inside of the card is visible. If you do not have a die cutter, trace the shape onto the card and use a hobby knife to cut it out. Open the card and fill the space with butterfly images. The recipient will see the shape of a butterfly with smaller images of butterflies inside it. Opening the card will reveal the rest of the images.

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