Butterfly Baby Shower Games

by Karen Sheviak
A butterfly themed baby shower can include games that are both fun and challenging for guests.

A butterfly themed baby shower can include games that are both fun and challenging for guests.

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A butterfly theme can be beautiful and elegant for a baby shower. Purchase plates and napkins with butterflies on them, and match balloons and streamers to those colors. Make a butterfly cake or cupcakes for a pretty dessert. Organize a few simple games related to butterflies to entertain the guests and give them an opportunity to win prizes. If possible, end the shower by releasing butterflies outside.

Butterfly Word Game

Start your games with a word challenge that everyone can do while sitting down and enjoying some drinks and snacks. Provide each person with a pencil and a piece of paper with the word Lepidoptera (the order of insects that includes moths and butterflies) at the top of the page. Have the guests see how many words they can make from the letters in that word (there are at least 30). The person who gets the most wins a prize.

Butterfly Word Puzzles

Create a word search or crossword puzzle with butterfly clues and, of course, baby clues. If possible, personalize the puzzles with words or questions that relate to the mother-to-be, such as the due date of the baby, whether or not it's a boy or girl (if she knows) and the color the nursery will be. The guest that solves the puzzle the fastest wins a prize.

Guess the Baby's Birth Information

This game prize will have to be awarded after the shower. Cut out small cards in the shape of butterflies (use different colors of paper if you like) and write "gender," "weight" and "date of birth" on each paper. Have each guest write their predictions in each category. After the baby is born, send the the winning guests a small prize, such as a gift card for a local coffee shop.

Butterfly Puzzles

Purchase several small butterfly puzzles and have each guest take a turn putting the puzzle together. The person who puts the puzzle together the quickest wins a prize. Get pictures of different butterflies on each puzzle and look up the proper name of each butterfly. Offer an extra prize to anyone who can name one of the butterflies.

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