How to Burn-in Your Earphones

by Peter Grant
Burning in new headphones makes them sound better.

Burning in new headphones makes them sound better. Images

When you purchase new headphones, you can "burn" them in, the term used to describe the parameter definitions of the headphone's diaphragm speaker construction when receiving sound. It's a known fact among enthusiasts that slightly older headphones that are worn in sound better than headphones that are new out of the box. Burning in your headphones is relatively easy and can be done by playing music through them continuously for a long period of time.

Step 1

Visit the online headphone burn-in utility called JLab Headphones Burning Utility.

Step 2

Plug your headphones into your computer and set them aside; don't wear them during this process.

Step 3

Press the green triangular play button on the online burning utility to begin the process.

Step 4

Allow the headphones to burn in by carrying the static, ambient noises for approximately 40 hours. If you want to use them during the day, consider dividing up the headphone burning by letting it run over the course of several nights and include the time spent using them in the burning hourly total.

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