Bungee Jumping in the Philippines

by Olivea Shure
Try bungee jumping in the Philippines.

Try bungee jumping in the Philippines.

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For the extreme sport enthusiast, the Philippines provides all the landscapes needed for activities ike rock climbing, kayaking, scuba diving and, of course, bungee jumping. For the rookie jumper, adventure parks tend to offer the thrill of bungee jumping with the safety of a harness and trained staff. Whether you're a novice or a seasoned thrill-seeker, there are a variety of places to bungee jump in the Philippines.

The Plunge at Danao Adventure Park

The Danao Adventure Park in Bohol, an island province in Visayas, is known mostly for its eco-thrills that promote adrenaline-rushing activities against a pristine scenic backdrop. Among its many offerings is the canyon swing, known as "The Plunge," a hybrid of bungee jumping and a swing. After a free-fall, the harness carries you as you swing through the canyons below. Though the free-fall will probably erase all understanding of time, the entire experience takes about 10 minutes. You can even opt to take The Plunge head first.

Subic Bay

What was once a U.S. naval base, Subic Bay now offers its natural landscapes of mountains, the ocean and forests to sport enthusiasts. In Subic, you can go rappelling, tree-climbing, kayaking, fishing, horseback riding and, in a designated area, bungee jumping. If you want the thrill of jumping with a tad more control, try the tree drop at the Tree Top Adventure Park. You drop from a platform attached to the top of a 60-foot tree, wearing only a harness. The staff helps you rappel down to the bottom of the tree.

Agas-Agas Bridge

The Agas-Agas bridge in southern Leyte is the tallest bridge in the Philippines measuring 90 meters high. There's a platform constructed specifically for bungee jumping along the bridge, allowing jumpers to fall 30 stories down. Other than bungee jumping, the bridge hosts extreme sports such as paramotor, downhill skateboarding and zip-line rappelling.

Bungee Jumping for Kids

The SM City Fairview mall is one of the largest malls in the Philippines, located in Quezon City in Metro Manila. Among its many entertainments, this mall offers bungee jumping for children. Granted, it's not really bungee jumping, it's more like a baby's bouncy-chair-meets-extreme-sport. A harness holds the child while two bungee cords help maximize air time as he continually bounces off from a trampoline.

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