How to Build a Stage for a Birthday Party

by Brandon Salo

Birthday party stages provide a performing area for the birthday celebration. Stages like these will support a band, clowns, mimes and other performers. Party stages are the center of attention for birthdays and many other similar celebrations. Build a simple birthday party stage using treated lumber and hardware. A stage built with treated lumber can withstand rain, sun and even snow. Building a basic stage can be done in an hour spent in a workshop.

Items you will need

  • Tape measure
  • 2 treated pine boards, 2 by 12 by 96 inches
  • 8 treated pine boards, 2 by 12 by 141 inches
  • 9 treated pine boards, 4 by by 16 inches
  • 3 treated plywood sheets, 3/4 by 48 by 96 inches
  • Screw gun
  • 108 wood screws, 3 inches long
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Step 1

Set two 96-inch boards on edge, parallel and 141 inches apart. Set eight 141-inch boards on edge between them at right angles and space them 13.5 inches apart. The corners are flush. Screw 24 screws through each 96-inch board so three screws enter each end of the 141-inch boards. This is the frame to your stage platform.

Step 2

Position a 16-inch board inside each outside corner of the platform frame. Screw four screws through each corner, into each 16-inch board. The 16-inch boards are the legs to your stage. Screw a 16-inch board to the middle of each 96-inch board so they are 38 and 3/4 inches away from the 16-inch board in the corners. Screw a 16-inch board to the middle of the 141-inch boards so they are 70 and 1/4 inches away from the 16-inch boards in the corner. Screw the last 16-inch board to one of the middle 141-inch boards. Position it 68 and 3/4 inches away from the ends of the board.

Step 3

Lay the sheets of plywood on top of the platform frame so the 96-inch edges are perpendicular to the 141-inch boards and so the edges are together. Position the three sheets so the outside edges are flush with the sides of the frame. Screw eight screws through each sheet, into the platform frame. Space the screws 24 inches apart.


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