Bug-Themed Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

by Krystal Miller
Use plastic insects for decorations and in party games at a bug party.

Use plastic insects for decorations and in party games at a bug party.

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Bring your child's love for spiders, butterflies and ladybugs to life with a bug-themed birthday party. From the invitations to the games, prepare a creepy-crawlin' time for the birthday guest of honor and all his friends. Give the guests party favors and game prizes, such as plastic bugs, candy bugs and bug-themed stickers, to take home as mementos of the party.


For a basic invitation, print pictures of bugs from online and write the party details on the back of each bug. Glue or tape a few plastic bugs to the invitation, for added decoration. You can also purchase bug-themed invitations from the Internet or at your local party supply store. Attach a bag of gummy bugs to each invitation and mail in padded envelopes. Another idea is to write the party details on an inflatable toy bug. Inflate the bug, write the details on the bug and deflate before mailing to your guests. The guest will have to inflate the bug to read the party details.


Decorate the party area with as many plastic bugs, worms, insects and creepy-crawling bugs as you can find. Hang the bugs from the ceiling and walls using fishing line. Use large plush bugs as balloon centerpieces for the party tables. Hide plastic bugs in between the party napkins and plates to give the children an "unexpected bug surprise." Drape fake spider web or black yarn all over the party area to create a web. Cut leaf and bug shapes from cardboard to hang on the party walls. You can also print large pictures of bugs to hang on the walls.


As children arrive to the party, have a few arrival activities planned for them to do. They can color bug pictures or make their own bugs using chenille stems, pompoms and googly eyes. Provide the children with markers, crayons and a variety of bug-themed coloring books. Turn the bug craft activity into a contest and award prizes to the best, most creative and funniest bugs. Give the children several supplies to use to make their bugs, including glitter, craft foam, tape, glue and rhinestones.


Create an easy bug hunt for the children during the party. Give each child a bug-themed party favor bag. Hide several plastic bugs all around the party area. Have the children hunt for the bugs and award a prize to the child who finds the most bugs. You can also mark a dot on a couple of the bugs and the children who find those bugs also win an additional prize. For a funny game, the children can participate in a caterpillar crawl relay race. Divide the children into two teams and give each team a sleeping bag. One child from each team at a time must get in the sleeping, lie down and scoot or roll on the ground to a line 20 feet from the starting line. She can run back and pass the bag to the next player who must do the same thing. The first team to finish the relay race wins the game.

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