Bubbles and Fish Baby Shower Theme

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Let your pet fish help decorate your party room.

Let your pet fish help decorate your party room.

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A bubbles and fish shower theme is an adorable theme that can be customized for a baby girl, baby boy or kept neutral when the baby's gender is unknown. Bring the theme into the event from the very beginning, with unique shower invitations, and then carry the theme through the other aspects of the party, from the decorations and desserts to the party favors at the end of the event.


Show off the baby shower theme with unique invitations. Purchase small plush fish, write the party details on a small circle of card stock and attach the card stock to the toy invitations with ribbon. Alternatively, write the party details on blue or white card stock and roll up the invitation as tightly as possible and wrap an elastic band around the scroll. Inflate balloons with helium and insert the scroll invitations into the balloons. Hand deliver the bubble-like invitations and have each invitee pop the balloon to reach the scroll for a little bit of fun.


Decorate the party room with bubble-filled balloons. Inflate some large balloons and insert a small deflated balloon. Inflate the smaller balloon, tie the end and then keep adding more small balloons to fill the large balloons with bubbles. Cover each party table with a blue or fish-themed tablecloth and place plush or ceramic fish down the center of the table for centerpieces. Tie a bunch of round, helium-filled balloons to each fish to look like bubbles and then fill as many of the small, round balloons as you can to let float around the ceiling. For an outdoor party, rent a bubble blower instead.


Fill small, round molds with gelatin dessert and then transfer the bubble-like treat to a large, clear bowl just before the shower begins. Instead of a fruit platter, use a melon baller to scoop out fruits, such as cantaloupe, honeydew melon and watermelon, and serve in another clear bowl. Serve sugar cookies shaped like fish and decorated in royal icing in the shower's color scheme. Cut sandwiches into circle and fish shapes with cookie cutters as well. For dessert, make a batch of round cupcakes and top each one with buttercream icing and a fondant fish.


Provide each guest with a small bottle of bubbles, personalized with the baby's name and due date on each bottle. For a party on a larger budget, purchase a medium-size plush fish for each guest and have the favors embroidered with the baby's name, due date or date of the shower. For a sweet treat favor the guests can enjoy after the event, prepare bubble and fish cookie bouquets. Cut out the cookie shapes with circle and fish-shaped cutters and insert wooden skewers into each cookie. Decorate the cookies with royal icing when they cool and wrap each with cellophane wrap, tied closed with a bow.


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