Bubble Town Game Rules

by Richard Kyori

Bubble Town is a single-player online arcade-style game in which players attempt to clear away clumps of multicolored balls before they are overtaken by the ever-expanding mass. Players control a small cannon at the bottom of the screen and are given a certain number of shots to whittle away at the clump of enemies above them before the enemies receive reinforcements.

Straight Up

In the "Straight Up" game mode, players are presented with a rectangular area full of five different colored balls. Players are given 12 randomly colored balls in their cannon's ammunition supply and must fire the balls into the play area. Matching three or more of the same color balls will cause all connecting balls of that color to pop, and balls that were supported by those balls then fall into the player's cannon.

Ball Mode

"Ball" mode presents the player with 12 random balls to fire at a hexagonal shape in the center of the playing stage. After each shot, the shape will rotate, presenting the player with a different face to fire upon. The balls can be bounced off the sides of the stage area for fancy trick shots. If the player runs out of ammunition, the walls of the stage will close in on the shape.

Winning and Losing

The stage is won when the player has eliminated all the balls in the playing field by creating clumps of three or more same-colored balls. If the player fails to eliminate all the balls in the stage before any of the balls touch the edge of the playing field, the level is lost and must be restarted from the beginning.


Points are awarded to players for breaking the balls in the stage. Bonus points are awarded for "combo" scoring, achieved by breaking a group of four or more balls in a single go, and for the total number of balls remaining in your ammunition belt at the end of the level. No points are awarded for time, and there is no time limit, so thinking about each shot to maximize your combo and bonus points is a good idea.

About the Author

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