Bubble Spinner Game Rules

by Steve Sparkes
Analyse the bubble formation between shots to decide on the next target.

Analyse the bubble formation between shots to decide on the next target.

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The Bubble Spinner Game adds new twists to the original point-and-click Bubble Game. Not only is the bubble grouping less formal than the usual row and column formation, but the layout continually changes as it spins. The game is an app available for the iPhone and on Facebook, and found on many gaming websites.

How to Play

Different-colored bubbles appear at the top of the screen one by one. Fire them into the bubble formation below. When playing the Bubble Spinner Game on a PC, aim the bubble using the mouse. When ready, click on the left mouse button to fire it into the bubble formation. If the Bubble Spinner Game is an app on a phone or tablet, use the designated buttons, or controls, to aim and fire.

Object of the Game

Aim to create same-color groups of bubbles. Clusters of three or more will disappear. If the screen fills with bubbles, the game is over. Clear all bubbles to move up a level. Fire bubbles to bounce off the sides of the screen if this helps to place the bubble better in the main formation. Take account of the angles at which the bubbles will bounce back from the walls, like balls do in a game of pool. Take care not to miss the formation completely. If the bubble falls through the bottom of the screen, it is a miss. Too many misses ends the game. Depending on where the shots land, the formation will sometime spin in the opposite direction, confounding earlier plans to build up certain groupings.

Tips and Tactics

Eliminate bubbles quickly to make the game last longer while you build a high score, but take time between shots to think about where you are aiming. Letting too many bubbles build up makes it harder to shoot new bubbles exactly where you want. Striking a balance between speed and tactical shooting is the key to this game. Notice how the firing affects the rotation of the bubble formation until you can predict the changes in direction.


Share The Bubble Spinner Game with friends through social media websites. Click on the "Share" button below the game, if you are playing it online, and link to it through your Facebook or Twitter account. Challenge them to high-score tournaments. Some websites also have a high-score leader board, which you can compete to appear on.

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