Brother-Sister Party Sharing Ideas

by Christine Gauvreau
Take guests to a ranch to celebrate a western-themed birthday.

Take guests to a ranch to celebrate a western-themed birthday.

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When siblings have birthdays that are close together, a shared birthday party may seem like the simple solution. However, for many siblings, the concept of sharing anything is never simple. Add the fact that they have gender-specific ideas about party themes, and things can become downright complicated. It doesn't have to be difficult, however, with a few creative ideas for combination or unisex party themes.

Pirates and Princesses

If she wants to be Cinderella, but he wants to be Jack Sparrow, throw them a pirates-and-princesses party. Send guests treasure map invitations. Draw a map of your neighborhood with an X that marks your house. Invite them to come dressed in their best pirate costumes, princess gowns -- or a combination of both. When guests arrive, enhance their appearances with face painting and temporary tattoos. Hand out pirate swords and fairy princess wands. Send the pirates on a scavenger hunt for the jewels while the princesses make bracelets. Play combo games such as pin the eye patch on the princess or walk the pink plank. Bake a cake in a castle-shaped cake pan. Frost and decorate it with gold-wrapped chocolate coins and pirate flags. Pirates and princesses party favor ideas include black and pink bandannas, princess wands, pirate swords, eye patches, pirate hats and tiaras.

Cowboys and Cowgirls

Thrill your cowboy and cowgirl party guests with an authentic western atmosphere when you host a western-themed party at a stable or ranch that offers horseback riding for kids. Another idea is to hire a service that brings pony rides to your backyard. If live horses aren't an option, have the cowgirls compete against the cowboys in a stick-horse relay race. Give pink cowgirl hats to the girls and black cowboy hats to the boys. Guests can wear these for the party and take them home as favors. Cut the shape of a pair of cowboy boots out of two sheet cakes. Frost and decorate one to look like cowgirl's boot and the other to resemble a cowboy's boot.

Super Heroes and Heroines

Invite your children's friends to come and conquer the villain at your super heroes and heroines party. Cut squares of material to make super-hero capes. Choose one color for the super hero capes and another for the super heroine capes. Fold a 2-inch seam over the top end and seal it closed with fabric glue. Feed enough ribbon through the seam to serve as the necktie. Purchase eye masks from a party supply store. As guests arrive, send them to a "super secret changing place." Ideas for this space include behind a sheet hung on a clothesline, in a closet or behind a standing room divider. Help the party guests put on their capes and masks. Have an adult dress as "the villain." Inform the super heroes that the villain has stolen the birthday cake and they must conquer him in order to get it back. Provide the super heroes and heroines with foam balls or water balloons and inform them that they must hit the villain 10 times to defeat him. The villain runs around haphazardly until he has been hit 10 times. As he feigns death, he reveals the location of the birthday cake. Other ideas for the super heroes and heroines party activities include cape and mask decorating, musical chairs (the villain removes the chairs and controls the music) and hot kryptonite. Send them home wearing their capes and masks as party favors.

Rockers and Pop-Star Divas

A karaoke party is pleasing to both boys and girls who can dress up and sing like their favorite music stars. When guests respond to the invitation, ask them about their favorite songs. Use their answers to help create your karaoke play list. Provide kids with a variety of rocker and pop-star style accessories such as sunglasses, hats, scarves and animal-print clothing. Guests dress up and perform their favorite songs. Decorate the party space with rock and pop-star posters and musical instrument props. Cut the shape of a microphone out of a sheet cake and decorate it with colored frosting. For a party favor, send guests home with a CD that contains songs played at the party.

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