Bridal Shower Thank-You Cards With a Beach Theme

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Use a scenic beach image for a thank you card to make it a keepsake.

Use a scenic beach image for a thank you card to make it a keepsake.

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When you plan to have a beach wedding or a beach-themed bridal shower, use a beach-themed thank you card to coordinate in an eye-catching way. With the use of your own desktop and photo editing software or arts and craft skills, you design one-of-a-kind keepsakes that show your gratitude for thoughtful bridal gifts. A digital camera comes in handy to totally personalize your cards but scrapbooking supplies or rubber stamps can also be used to hand make each card. Get your bridesmaids in on the process to help you assemble or print out the cards in a timely manner.

You're a Star(fish)

When you use a starfish rubber stamp, some pink ink and a fibrous, sand colored card stock you can quickly create one-of-a-kind "thank you" cards for your bridal shower. Purchase a few stamps of starfish of various sizes and invite your bridesmaids over for an evening of card making to get this chore done in no time flat. Ink the starfish so that they appear scattered over the card front, in a shower coming from the top of the card or just two starfish off-center on the card. Use a "thank you" rubber stamp or hand print your gratitude to the front or inside of the card. Add one starfish imprint to the front of the envelope to tie it all together.

Walking on the Beach

Use your own digital camera to take a casual photograph of the engaged couple on the beach. In the foreground of the photo write in the sand "Thank You." Use this image as the front of your thank you card for gifts from a beach-themed bridal shower. On the inside of the card wash out the photo or convert it to a watermark by running it through your desktop publishing or photo editing software. This will serve as a soft background for your own personal message.

Beach Chairs

Whether you use your own photograph of beach chairs on the sandy shore or find an image online, empty beach chairs facing a scenic water view is an attractive image choice for a beach-themed thank you card. When you superimpose the words "Thank You" over the image you produce a simple and appealing card you can add your own personal message too. Add a special touch when you take an additional photo of the engaged couple sitting in the chairs, smiling and place the image on the inside of the card or on the envelope to tie it all together.

Feet in the Sand

Especially significant for a destination wedding or beach wedding, a photograph of feet in the sand makes for an appealing thank you card image for bridal shower gifts. Take a digital image of the engaged couple's feet on a sandy beach or walking in the surf. Insert the image on the front of your card in your desktop publishing template, leaving space for the words "Thank You" along the bottom. Use an additional image of the set of footprints in the sand on the inside of the card for an extra touch. Wash out the image or convert it to a watermark so that you can write your message over the scenic backdrop.

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