Bridal Shower Picture Ideas

by Kathryn Walsh
Make photos a central focus of your bridal shower.

Make photos a central focus of your bridal shower.

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A bridal shower is a time to look ahead to the bride's future, but that doesn't mean you can't have a little fun looking back as well. Photos help you celebrate the bride's past and make permanent memories of the present. Pointing a camera at her will also help the bride practice for the thousands of photos she'll have to pose for on her wedding day.

Guess My Age

Since the bride is the center of attention, it's perfectly fair to embarrass her by displaying the junior high photos of her with crimped hair and headgear. Ask the bride's mother or the bride herself to provide one photo from each year of her life. Hang them up all throughout the shower and provide guests with paper and pens. Ask each guest to guess the bride's age in each photo and rank them all in chronological order. Give prizes to any guests who guess the correct order.

Memories with Bride

Many of the guests at her bridal shower have likely known the bride for years, while others may be the groom's family members who she doesn't know well. Ask guests to bring photos of themselves with the bride, if they have any. Bring a photo album to the shower and ask guests to place their photos inside and add captions. All the guests can look back on the bride's memories with her close friends. After the shower, the bride can add photos of herself with her new family members.

Slide Show

Surprise the bride and make everyone tear up by putting together a slide show of photos of the couple. Conspire with the mothers of the bride and groom to get photos of each of them growing up. Alternate these photos so guests can watch both of them grow from cute babies to awkward teenagers and then into their awesome adult selves. Use photos of them together to fill out the second half of the show, then set the whole thing to romantic music and play it on a large screen toward the end of the shower.


Picture frames on their own are a nice, yet uninspired, shower gift to pass out to guests. Adding a photo taken at the shower makes the favor special and sentimental. Take a photo of each guest posing with the bride during the shower, then duck out of the room and print the pictures on a photo printer. Place each photo in a silver heart frame or a colorful wooden frame that matches the shower's color scheme, then hand them out as guests leave. Everyone will have photographic proof of how wonderful the shower was.

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