Bridal Shower Invitation Wording Etiquette

by Donna Tinus

Bridal showers are as varied as brides and can be whatever the hosts would like. When hosts are considering the type of shower to give, they should consider their budget, area available, number of guests and bride's needs. Traditionally, all female wedding guests should be invited to the bridal shower, but there are exceptions. The invitations should reflect the type of shower and can be as creative or traditional as the hosts would like. The only rule is to include all the necessary information.


The traditional etiquette regarding wording a shower invitation is similar to the way the wedding invitation is worded. Use something like: "We would be pleased to have you join us at a Bridal Shower honoring Katie Wilson, fiancée of John Smith on Saturday, May 1st at 3:00 pm Cindy's House 443 Swan Lake Boulevard Millard, Kentucky RSVP Cindy at 555-555-1234". Another option would be, "You're invited to a kitchen shower for Stacie Morgan" or "Please come to a lingerie shower honoring Sharon Davis." For a brunch, you could word the invitation, "Please join the bridesmaids in showering Mary Duncan at a brunch."


Using a poem is a cute way of inviting guests to a bridal shower. Anything with two or four lines conveying the idea that someone is throwing a shower for the bride is appropriate. It doesn't even have to rhyme; the idea is convey whimsy. One idea might be something like: Life is a bed of roses and love is in the air! Your presence is requested at a bridal shower for Jane Smith." The rest of the information should follow.

Other Situations

If there is to be a wishing well at the shower, place that information on the left side of the invitation, or at the bottom. Something like "Kitchen Wishing Well" is sufficient. If the shower has a certain "theme" such as one room in the house, indicate that information in the beginning of the invitation. If the shower is a surprise, word the invitation as a "Surprise bridal shower" so no one accidentally spills the beans. A shower for both bride and groom should be called a "Couple's shower" or "Jack and Jill shower" in some areas. Include the phrase "fiancee of" in case women on the groom's side aren't familiar with the bride's name.

Information to Include

However the invitation starts, certain information must be included in the invitation to the bridal shower. Either start the invitation or end it with the name of the person or people giving the invitation. Include date, time and place. Toward the bottom place RSVP, and the name and number of the person to call to respond, or you won't know who's coming. If the couple has a bridal registery, this is the place to tell the guests. At the very bottom of the invitation place the information, such as: "Bridal registry at Macy's and Home Depot."