Bridal Shower Invitation Shapes

by Rose Sartaguda
Be imaginative to create one-of-a-kind shower invitations.

Be imaginative to create one-of-a-kind shower invitations.

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Bridal shower invitations come in a range of shapes, materials and styles. From the conventional to the eclectic, today's invitations are as diverse as the personalities of the brides being honored at the affair. First, establish a theme for the shower to tie up all the elements. Then design and create the invitations accordingly. The possibilities are endless and the final output is only limited by your imagination and creativity.


Traditional or regular bridal shower invitations usually come in rectangular or square shapes. These are often used for more formal affairs or when the bride's personal style is more traditional or conservative. However, rectangular shapes can also be used for more contemporary bridal showers, especially if you're having DIY invitations and prefer to work with the most effortless shape. Card stock is typically used for traditional invitations.


Other simple but less formal shower invitation shapes include round, triangular, oval or floral. These are irregular or non-traditional shapes which are usually available from craft stores or made-to-order invitation printers. They are more creative shapes but are still simple and appropriate for more traditional brides. Adorn the invitations with pearls, buttons or craft flowers to lend a bit of flavor and flair.


Most contemporary bridal showers use non-traditional invitation shapes, usually depending on the theme of the affair. For example, use bathtub-, lamp- or pillow-shaped invites for a bed and bath-themed shower, lingerie-shaped invitations for a honeymoon theme, or coconut cocktail or palm trees for a luau-themed shower. Use materials and embellishments according to the party theme to a come up with a truly personalized, creative invitations.

Other Styles

Do not limit your bridal shower invitations to those available from printers or craft stores. Utilize other materials as invitations such as bottles with the folded invitation message tucked inside, a message tied to a balloon or written on flip-flops, or an origami bearing the invitation specifics once unfolded. Or send messages written on plantable papers (holding flower seeds) for an eco-friendly or nature-themed shower.

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