Bridal Shower Invitation Mailing Etiquette

by Rebecca Mayglothling

Bridal showers are a celebration of the bride, and friends of the bride provide her with gifts to help her in her marriage. Gifts include everything from household items to lingerie items. The event is traditionally hosted by the maid of honor but is alternately hosted by close family members or other friends. As with all other wedding-related events, there are etiquette rules to follow when sending the invitations to the bridal shower.

Send Invitations On Time

The invitations need to be sent at least a month ahead of the event. Earlier is better, because late invitations do not allow would-be guests significant time to plan for sitters, time off work or other possible needs. If the event is an out-of-town party, such as a weekend trip, the invitations should be sent earlier than the traditional four-week period to allow for proper planning. In return, guests must call on time to RSVP for the event.

Addressing the Invitations

Each person invited receives an invitation, even when two invitees live at the same address. Exceptions include invitees under 16 and an invitation for couples. The address on the envelopes is hand-written and formal names are used. For example, the invitation will be sent to "Mrs. Jane Doe" rather than to "Jane Doe." The return address is hand-written as well. The invitation itself is printed, not hand-written.

Included in the Invitation

An RSVP name and number is included in the invitation. If there is a theme to the party, the information for the theme is included. If guests are expected to participate in the theme, such as dressing up or bringing something special, this information is included. If the event includes a trip, information on hotel options, air fare and other travel ideas is typed into the invitation. If the bride is registered, registry information will be typed onto the bottom of the invitation.

Who is Invited

Everyone in the wedding party is invited. Beyond this group of people, the bride should choose the other invitees. She knows her family and friends best; if her grandmother would not enjoy a weekend in Las Vegas, she will be left off the bridal shower list. The bride may decide to turn the event into a Jack and Jill party where men are present, so this will also change the guest-list dynamic.

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