Bridal Shower Greeting Cards

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The wide range of gifts a bride-to-be receives at her wedding shower are typically accompanied by a plethora of thoughtful greeting cards containing well wishes and endearing sentiments. When you want to select that card that perfectly conveys your feelings for a friend or family member who is getting married soon, you have several options from which to choose.

Sentimental Cards

Weddings are an occasion that bring out the sentimentality in even the most jaded individual. When the bride is your sister, aunt, mother or daughter, it's easy to be overcome with emotion at the thought of her embarking on a new segment of her life. Choose a sentimental card adorned with bridal bouquets, a couple walking hand-in-hand or a veiled bride walking down the aisle. Convey your heartfelt wishes with a verse that states exactly what you want to say.

Humorous Cards

Occasionally when you browse bridal shower cards, you find one that is just too funny to pass up. Many contain humorous sentiments regarding marriage or remarriage, the end of the single life or how to properly train a new husband. When you're a member of the bridal party, a friend, a cousin or a coworker, you may choose a comical card that reflects the moments of hilarity you've shared with the bride-to-be over the many years that you've known each other.

Risque Cards

While a risque card isn't appropriate for everyone -- perhaps your great aunt Amelia wouldn't appreciate such a greeting -- many brides get a kick out of a sexy card. Whether you choose one with a male stripper dressed as a policeman, a man with a bare chest and low-slung trousers or a couple locked in a passionate embrace, the shower guests will probably get a giggle out of it. Other cards may feature cartoon-like drawings of old married couples in a variety of situations with funny reflections on marriage.

Custom Cards

When you have a talent for creating homemade greeting cards that rival store-bought ones, why not create a custom-made card for the happy bride? Use card stock that matches the wedding colors, and enhance your creation with glitter, ribbons and beautiful images that capture the mood of the upcoming nuptials. Use calligraphy to pen a special sentiment for the bride, and express your joy and delight at her good fortune.

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