Bridal Shower Games for an Older Crowd

by Kyra Sheahan
Play bridal shower games appropriate for older crowds.

Play bridal shower games appropriate for older crowds.

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Bridal showers give the bride and her gal pals an excuse to sip on sangria and martinis in the afternoon while playing youthful trivia games about the newlyweds-to-be. However, if you are catering your bridal shower to accommodate an older crowd, you might want to scale back on the booze and come up with games geared toward a more mature audience while still being entertaining to play.

Remember the Bride

Start your bridal shower off with a game that guests do not realize they are playing. As guests arrive, the bride greets them at the door. A few minutes of mingling go by and the bride excuses herself from the room. The hostess of the bridal shower passes out paper and a writing utensil and tells the guests at the party that they are playing a game. For the game, the hostess asks a question such as "What color shirt is the bride wearing?" Guests have to remember and write down their answers. The bride does not come back into the room until the game is over. The guest who answered the questions correctly -- or mostly correctly -- wins the game.

Rings in a Jar

Set up a small table with a large clear jar filled with toy rings. For this game, the guests must guess how many rings are in the jar and write their answer down on a piece of paper that is folded and inserted into a shoebox on the table. The guests' names should be written on the paper as well. At the end of the shower, the hostess will announce the winner as the person who guessed the number of rings in a jar correctly, or who was the closest. The winner gets a small prize.

Bride-and-Groom Crossword Puzzle

The hostess of the bridal shower can make a bride-and-groom crossword puzzle, filled with facts about the bride and groom that guests must guess to complete the puzzle. Some of the crossword clues might be "Where the bride and groom met" or "Where the bride and groom went on their first date." This game gives guests the chance to show off how much they know about the bride and groom.

Scavenger Hunt

Before the guests arrive at the bridal shower, the hostess prepares a scavenger hunt filled with gift items for the bride to take home with her. Items include a dish towel, oven mitt, spatula, soap dish and other small knickknacks for the home. The items are hidden around the house and the yard. When guests arrive, they are put into small teams and given the list of items they must find. The team that finds the items and completes the scavenger hunt first wins.

Words of Wisdom

You can start the bridal shower games before the shower even begins by giving your guests instructions on the bridal shower invitation. For this game, ask prospective guests to bring a note card with one word of wisdom for the bride. The words of wisdom can be funny, a famous quote, an original poem or something sentimental. The guests must bring the note cards to the shower, where they will place them in a bag as they arrive. As the guests at the shower eat their cake, the hostess brings out the bag of note cards and reads them aloud for all to hear.

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