Bridal Shower Games: Icebreakers

by Krystal Miller
Break the ice at a bridal shower with entertaining games.

Break the ice at a bridal shower with entertaining games.

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Introduce new names and faces at a bridal shower by planning a few icebreakers to get the party started. Icebreakers will get the guests mingling and involved in the party. All you need is a few ideas and some supplies to plan entertaining icebreaker games the guests will enjoy. Entice everyone to play along by awarding prizes, such as gift cards or home decor, to all game winners.

Sharing Games

Ask all the guests to sit in a circle and hand one guest a roll of toilet paper. Ask her to take some toilet paper and pass the roll around the circle. Each guest must take some toilet paper. After everyone has toilet paper, tell the guests they must share one interesting fact about themselves for each square of toilet paper they took. You can also use a bowl of candy instead of toilet paper, with guests having to share an interesting fact for each candy they took.

Funny Games

As the party guests arrive, give each person a name tag with a wedding-related word on it such as "flowers," "rose," "ring," "honeymoon," "rice," "dove," "veil" or "centerpiece." Players must address each other by the name on their name tags. Give each guest a strand of Mardi Gras beads. If a player does not use the name tag name when addressing someone at the party, the player who catches her not using it can have her beads. The player with the most beads at the end of the game wins.

Paper Games

Have everyone select a partner. Ask guests to select someone they do not know as a partner. Each pair must introduce themselves to each other before starting the game. Give each pair an empty bridal shower bingo card to fill out with items they think the bride-to-be will receive. As she opens gifts, the pair will mark off the gifts on their bingo card. The first pair to reach bingo wins a prize. You can also play a bridal shower word scramble in the same pairs. Give each pair a word scramble with words such as "bride," "groom," "presents," "ring" and "bachelorette party." The first team to unscramble all the words wins the game.

Bride Question Games

Divide the guests into teams of three or four and give each team a sheet of paper. Give the teams about five minutes to introduce themselves to one another. Call out questions about the bride and have the teams write down the answers on the sheet of paper. Sample questions include "Where did the bride and groom meet?" and "Where was their first kiss?" For a variation, you can also ask questions about the groom. The team answering the most questions correctly wins the game.

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