Bridal Shower Centerpieces

by Mary Sharp
Whether it's flowers, balloons or a cake, there are many different varieties for bridal shower centerpieces.

Whether it's flowers, balloons or a cake, there are many different varieties for bridal shower centerpieces.

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A bridal shower is an exciting time to get together with your closest friends and family and celebrate your engagement. It is also a chance for you to share details about your wedding from the flowers to the dress and the theme. A decorative centerpiece is a special way to emphasize the theme of your bridal shower or wedding. There are lots of creative ideas that will help you decide what the perfect centerpiece for your shower will be.


Flower bouquets are one of the more traditional centerpieces available for any type of party or shower. If your wedding is on the traditional side, this is a good type of centerpiece to have. Order flowers that match your wedding colors or choose an all-white bouquet representative of the wedding color. Ordering a bouquet of silk or artificial flowers will help ensure that the bouquet is not withered or damaged.


A decorative cake can make a beautiful (and delicious) centerpiece for a bridal shower. The cake can be customized to go along with the theme of the wedding. It can also have a bride and groom on top of it to represent the wedding theme. After you have played games and opened gifts, this decorative centerpiece can be cut and eaten, giving it an added function.


Balloons can be made into a creative and beautiful centerpiece that reminds guests that the shower is a fun party. The balloons can be floating in the air and grounded by weights or tied together and put inside a decorative bowl, like a flower arrangement. Whatever the configuration, the colors should be the wedding colors. Ribbon and glitter can be added to give the centerpiece an extra flair.

Marriage Advice Centerpiece

This is an interactive and creative centerpiece idea that can be turned into a shower game. Start with a tall, decorative vase and cut out several flower shapes from colorful construction paper. Glue or tape these flower shapes to long, green pipe cleaners that will look like stems. Provide pens for guests and have everyone take a flower and write a piece of marriage advice for the bride, such as "Never go to bed angry" or "Always kiss each other good morning." Not only will this be a colorful and decorative centerpiece during the bridal shower, but the bride will have something to take with her to remind her of the shower.

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