"Bratz Stylin' Slumber Party" Ideas

by Jennifer Eblin

"Bratz Stylin' Slumber Party" is an all-encompassing guide for girls wanting to throw a sleepover for friends. The Bratz doll characters cover everything she needs to know, including how many guests to invite, invitations, activities for the night and even the right food. Help the little girl in your life prepare for her slumber party by using "Bratz Stylin' Slumber Party" ideas.

Rock Star Invites

Sit down with your daughter and make a list of girls to invite to the sleepover. The Bratz characters recommend five or six guests, which keeps the party small. Create your own invitations for the party by cutting purse shapes from construction paper or cardstock. Decorate the invitations with colored markers, sequins, beads, feathers and other sparkly items. Write the party information on the back of the invitation. For a fun twist on the invitation idea, purchase a small Bratz doll for each guest and tie the invitation to the doll's leg or arm.

Glamorous Activities

Gather up as many old clothes as you can find, asking other parents and friends to donate items. Scatter the clothes around the room and give the girls ten minutes to create their best Bratz-inspired outfit. Let the girls do their own fashion show, walking down a "runway" in the middle of the room, made from old sheets on the floor. You can even host a "Bratz and Me" fashion show, by letting the girls dress their dolls in a new outfit and walking down the runway with it.

Extra Treats

Treat the girls to dishes and snacks named after each Bratz doll. Strawberries, pineapple and other fruits layered onto wood skewers and served with a yogurt dip become Kaycee Kabobs. Serve small meatballs, smoked sausages and other snacks with the name Sasha's Snacks. Pink Heaven Party Ideas has even more treats named after the dolls, including Chloe's Cupcakes and Meygan's Milkshakes.

For Guests

Make small Bratz-inspired goodie bags for the slumber party guests and the guest of honor. Fill a plain canvas bag with a few small Bratz toys or jewelry purchased from a party store and some candy. You can even add a small Bratz doll or Bratz outfit to the bag. Arrange beads, sequins, fabric paint and other decorative items on a long table in the room. Give the girls free reign to decorate their tote bag any way they choose.

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