How to Braid Paracord Weave

by Brenda Priddy

The braid used to tie up lengths of paracord is known as the daisy chain braid. This style of chain braiding is uncomplicated and does not require any special knowledge of knot tying. The advantage of the daisy chain braid is that you can quickly untie the cord into the full length within seconds, but still keep it braided when not in use. The braid will not untie on its own.

Step 1

Divide the cord into half, then half once more. Fold the cord in half one final time. Hold the looped end in your left hand.

Step 2

Pull the loose end of the cord up through the looped end to make a girth hitch. This will start the chain. Do not tighten the loop too much, as you need the loop to make the rest of the braided chain.

Step 3

Open the loop with your thumb and forefinger of your hand. Pull the loose end of the cord through the hole, making another loop. This basic movement is the entire movement you will use to braid the cord until you reach the end.

Step 4

Continue to repeat this braiding motion until you reach the end of the cord.

Step 5

Make one final loop in the cord when you reach the end. Pull the end of the cord all the way through to make the end tie in a firm knot that will not come undone on its own.

Tips & Warnings

  • The daisy chain braid is the same as the chain stitch used in crochet.