How to Braid Gimp

by Chelsea Oliver

Making crafts from gimp is a childhood memory that many individuals treasure. Also referred to as plastic lace, gimp is a craft material that comes in many colors. Children of all ages can weave lengths of gimp together to create various projects, such as jewelry and lanyards. One way to use gimp is to braid it; while there are many types of braids, the basic three-strand braid is an ideal starting place. The results are attractive and make thoughtful homemade gifts.

Items you will need

  • Gimp
  • Scissors
  • Masking tape
Step 1

Use scissors to cut three equal sections of colored gimp. Select your favorite color, or even three different colors.

Step 2

Tie a knot close to the top to secure the three strands of gimp. Leave enough gimp at the top to attach your strands to your workspace.

Step 3

Use a piece of masking tape to attach the gimp to your workspace, such as the top of a table.

Step 4

Separate the three strands of gimp so that you can see each easily.

Step 5

Begin braiding the gimp by crossing the piece on the right over the piece in the middle. Next, cross the piece on the left over the new middle piece, to form another new middle piece. Pull the lengths of gimp together securely.

Step 6

Continue braiding the gimp by repeating Step 6. When you near the end of the gimp, tie a knot. Use your braided gimp as a piece of jewelry or lanyard, or give your braided gimp as a gift.

Tips & Warnings

  • Do not allow young children to use sharp scissors.