Boys' Party Game Ideas for Indoors

by Krystal Miller
Create indoor party games for a group of rowdy boys.

Create indoor party games for a group of rowdy boys.

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When planning an indoor birthday party for boys, create a few games to keep them busy and prevent boredom. Indoor games are just as fun as outdoor games. You can create a few indoor games with some inexpensive supplies and a creative imagination. Encourage the boys to try their best and have them waiting for the next game by awarding prizes to the game winners.

Bug Games

Most boys love bugs and insects, so create some indoor games using plastic bugs. Place different types of plastic bugs or insects, such as a fly, spider and beetle, inside small paper sacks (one per bag). Number the sacks and have each boy stick his hand in a sack to feel the bug. The boys have to guess what kind of bug or insect is in the sack. The boy who guesses the most correctly wins the game. For another bug game, hide the plastic bugs all over the play area and give each boy a sack. The boy who finds the most bugs wins the game.

Funny Games

Have the boys sit around a table and give each boy a bowl of large marshmallows. Tell the boys to stick one marshmallow in his mouth and say "Happy Puppy," as suggested by the Activity Village website. After each boy says "Happy Puppy," have him add another marshmallow. If a boy cannot say the words correctly, he is out of the game. The boy with the most marshmallows in his mouth saying "Happy Puppy" clearly wins the game. For a messy game, place a miniature marshmallow on a plate and cover it with whipped cream. Make a plate for each player. The boys must place their hands behind their back and try to find the marshmallow. The first boy to find and eat the marshmallow wins the game.

Animal Games

Write several animal names on slips of paper. Use two or three of the same of each animal. For example, make three cows, three pigs and three cats. Hand the slips of paper to the boys. The boys must make the animal sounds and try to find others that are making the same sound. The first group to find all their matching animals wins the game. For another animal game, the boys can play a game of animal charades.

Monster Games

Since most boys claim not to be afraid of monsters, play a monster freeze game. Play music and tell the boys to dance around the play area like monsters. When the music stops, the "monsters" must freeze in the position they are in until the music starts again. Any boy caught moving while the music is off, is out of the game. The last boy remaining in the game wins the game. For a variation, play Transformer freeze for a Transformers party or superhero freeze for a superhero party.

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