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    Birthday Party Ideas for a 6-Year-Old Boy Near Aurora, Illinois

    Aurora, Illinois is located about 45 miles from downtown Chicago in the western suburbs along the banks of the Fox River. This area -- also known as Fox Valley -- is home to nearly 200,000 people, making Aurora the second largest city in the state. With a population that large, there are many options for birthday parties suitable for a 6-year-old boy.

    Boys' Party Game Ideas for Indoors

    When planning an indoor birthday party for boys, create a few games to keep them busy and prevent boredom. Indoor games are just as fun as outdoor games. You can create a few indoor games with some inexpensive supplies and a creative imagination. Encourage the boys to try their best and have them waiting for the next game by awarding prizes to the game winners.

    Boys Mystery Birthday Party Ideas

    Boys tend to like the mysterious, spooky and unknown. Planning a mystery birthday party takes consideration of who will be attending, their temperaments and how many will be attending. Be sensitive to shy boys who scare more easily than other boys. Create a mystery birthday party that has elements of the mysterious, isn't overwhelmingly scary and is just plain fun.

    Football Birthday Party Treat Bag Ideas

    Selecting the items for birthday party treat bags depends on financial considerations, age of the participants and the amount of time you want to spend. Bags may contain several items or a single special item. Fortunately, the wide variety of items and possibilities makes it easy to create a bag to delight football enthusiasts at a football-themed birthday party.

    Themes for a Fourteen-Year-Old Boy's Birthday Party

    Boys who are turning 14 do not want to have a "baby party" with the same old games and themes. As your child grows up, so do the theme ideas for parties. Coming up with different games and even food to ensure your child is happy at the end of the day can be stressful, but it doesn't have to be. Try these ideas that will keep boys busy and satisfied.

    Places to Have Boys Birthday Party in Dallas

    The Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, or DFW, is the second largest metropolitan area in Texas, and as such offers a variety of venues for your birthday boy's celebration. These places range from amusement parks and indoor inflatable recreational centers to a race track. Amenities vary depending on the package you choose, but generally fit most budgets and any location around the DFW area.

    Birthday Party Themes for Baby Boys

    A party for your baby boy should be tailored to suit your tastes since he's too young to have a preference on color schemes and party themes. At this age, the theme depends on what you want to see in his baby photos. Depending on the look that you want to create, there are a variety of ideas that can bring a theme to life.

    Ideas for Birthday Party Invitations for Boys

    Your little boy's birthday is coming up, and you want his party invitations to reflect the event's color scheme and theme. Incorporating the interests of the "guest of honor" will help to personalize the invitations. Bright colors and inventive accents will also make the invitation especially noticeable and attractive, making it easier for guests to remember the party date and other invitation details.

    Birthday Party Places for a Boy in Cincinnati, Ohio

    Cincinnati, Ohio, is home to a wide variety of birthday party venues. Many of the city's child-oriented attractions and facilities offer birthday packages. Whether your boy enjoys sports, animals, water parks, amusement parks, bowling or arcades, there is sure to be something within Cincinnati that appeals to his interests and age level.

    Balloon Decoration Ideas for a Little Boy's Birthday Party

    There are many things that can be done with balloons to create inexpensive and festive decorations for a birthday celebration. When decorating for a young boy's birthday party, look for balloons in his favorite color or balloons printed with something he loves, such as firetrucks or characters from his favorite movies. There are ways to make some of the balloon decorations entertaining as well as decorative.

    Ideas for Birthday Party Themes for 2-Year-Old Boys

    According to the PBS Child Development Tracker, 2-year-olds are curious about the world around them, and they use their limbs and motion to learn by trial-and-error methods. At this time, children -- both male and female -- like to play pretend, incorporating elements of their lives into their imaginative play. Children at this age also enjoy looking at words and pictures in books, though they cannot yet read. When planning a birthday party for a 2-year-old boy, consider these elements of the child's development as you decide on a theme.

    Ideas for a Boy's 5th Birthday Party at a Park

    When throwing a party with 5-year-old boys as guests, think noise, mess and chaos. And think taking it outdoors to a local park! A park's playground and large, open areas make it an ideal spot for free play as well as organized activities. Keep the boys active with a few well-planned games that will spark competitiveness with lots of laughter and grins as well.

    Boys' Birthday Party Venues in Nassau County, New York

    Several boy's birthday party venues are located throughout Nassau County, New York, a suburban area of Long Island. Birthday party venues typically include activities, food, beverages and set-up. With a wide selection of venue ideas, parents should be able to find a venue location that meets the age appropriateness and interests of their sons.

    Fun Things to Do for an 11-Year-Old Boy's Birthday Party in St. Louis, Missouri

    Eleven is a big number for a boy. It's the "tween" age, where parties are a must but parents are still invited. From sports fanatic to amateur scientist, movie buff to hardcore gamer, there is a fun place in St. Louis, Missouri, for every 11-year-old boy to celebrate the big One-One.

    Birthday Party Places for Boys in Pearland, Texas

    Create a unique experience for your son's birthday. Pearland, Texas has venues that provide entertainment and hours of creative fun for the birthday boy and guests. Parents save time and energy by not having to set up and clean up after the party. This is valuable time you can spend celebrating your son's special day.

    Birthday Party Ideas for Boys in San Diego

    It's a special boy's birthday and you want to plan a party so fabulous that he will always remember it. When sorting through your options, think about what the birthday boy enjoys. Maybe he loves to romp around and burn off excess energy, or maybe he's a studious type who enjoys reading and learning about the world around him. San Diego offers an assortment of activities designed to please every type of birthday boy.

    Boy's Baseball Birthday Party Ideas

    If your boy is baseball obsessed -- watching games all the time, practicing his sliding in the dirt and organizing neighborhood games of wiffle ball -- throw a birthday party for him with a baseball theme. A baseball birthday would be a home run with him, whether you go to game or organize one in the yard with his friends. Invite his team to celebrate the big day with him. You -- and the party -- will be a hit.

    Inexpensive Birthday Party Ideas for Boys

    Birthday parties for boys don't need to send you to the bank for a loan. Boys don't care about fancy invitations or decorations; it's all about the activity. An inexpensive birthday party takes planning, but with a little bit of creativity, it's easy to put together a party that will send the boys home talking about all the fun they had.

    Things to Do & Play at a 10-Year-Old Boy's Birthday Party

    As far as children go, 10-year-old boys are fairly easy to please. The average 10-year-old boy is happy playing sports and video games. Most of his friends are boys, as his sights have not yet turned to the opposite sex. Parents should keep this information in mind when planning a birthday party and include activities that allow a 10-year-old boy and his friends to be active and a little bit silly during the party.