Boy's Baseball Birthday Party Ideas

by Carolyn Scheidies

If your boy is baseball obsessed -- watching games all the time, practicing his sliding in the dirt and organizing neighborhood games of wiffle ball -- throw a birthday party for him with a baseball theme. A baseball birthday would be a home run with him, whether you go to game or organize one in the yard with his friends. Invite his team to celebrate the big day with him. You -- and the party -- will be a hit.

Baseball Fun and Games

Decorate the house with enlargements of baseball greats batting or throwing the ball. Write the guests' names on baseballs to serve as place cards at the table; bake a cake in the shape of a baseball. Serve round balls of ice cream drizzled with chocolate or caramel and put them in small baseball helmets designed to hold sundaes. Pair off guests. Give each party guest a paper cup. Toss a baseball, or a softer ball for younger boys, back and forth from one cup to another. Hold relay races where the boys wear a baseball glove and hold a baseball as they race to the next person in the relay. They must pass along both the glove and baseball without dropping the ball.

Out to the Ball Park

Take the birthday boy to a professional, college or even a high school game. Make it a special time of father-son bonding with good seats and lots to eat. Buy a keepsake for the birthday boy to remember the game. Get there early to see if the birthday boy can collect autographs after batting practice. Or, let the birthday boy choose a couple of close friends to celebrate his birthday by going to a baseball game of any level. Pack the peanuts, sunflower seeds and Cracker Jack for an authentic baseball experience.

Set Up Teams

Plan a birthday party around a baseball game for kids If you don't have room for a baseball diamond in your back yard, see about holding the birthday party at the field of a local park. Provide T-shirts and hats for each team. Call them, "Devon's Birthday Team Blue" and "Devon's Birthday Team Red." Add the date of the birthday to make the T-shirts and hats the birthday take-home treat. Have adults supervise the game and serve as umpires. Younger children will need more adult assistance than older children. Play the number of innings you can fit into your allotted time; finish up with hot dogs, chips, and cake and ice cream.

Baseball Cards

Plan a baseball birthday party around baseball cards. Buy packs of baseball cards before the party. Enlarge some cards and use as decorations. Shape the birthday cake like a baseball card. If all the boys invited collect baseball cards, have them bring their cards. Give them space to show off their collections and allow time for trading. Supervise to keep trading fair. Or, play card toss. Divide the guests into teams. Draw a line and place a bowl about a foot away from each team. One at a time, team members try to flip baseball cards into their team's bowl. You can continue to move the bowl further from the toss line. The winning team is the team with the most cards in the bowl at game's end. Divide the cards in the bowls among team members to take home as their party souvenir.

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