Boy Scout Advancement Camps in California

by Michelle Strockbine

In the Boy Scouts of America, scouts advance through ranks by learning skills, knowledge and attitudes, earning merit badges along the way. Typically, most scouts advance by attending camp programs where they learn certain skill sets. There are numerous Boy Scout advancement camps throughout California with year-round opportunities for scouts to earn a variety of merit badges.

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California Inland Empire Council

The California Inland Empire Council administers two Boy Scout advancement camps in California. Camp Emerson and Camp Helendade, both in Redlands, host several weeks of camping opportunities during the summer months along with other training programs throughout the year. Both camps provide scouts with opportunities to earn their cedar, wood, leadership and foxfire badges.

Southern Sierra Council

The Southern Sierra Council operates two Boy Scout advancement camps in California. Camps Kern and Mirimichi are located in the Sierra Nevada Mountains near Fresno. Both camps are only open during the summer months and offer black-powder shooting, rock climbing, tepee camping and mountain biking. Scouts may earn leadership, adventure, youth protection and wood badges by attending.

Sequoia Council

The Sequoia Council maintains Camp Chawanakee in the western Sierra Nevada Mountains, just west of Fresno. Training programs include crafts, handicrafts, wood, leadership and nature. The camp has summer programs available with access to Shaver Lake and its fir-covered granite boulders. Its newest area, Eagle Point, focuses solely on scout rank advancement.

Ventura Council

The Ventura Council operates two Boy Scout advancement camps in California. Camp Whitsett in Kernville offers summer, weeklong programs as well as weekend programs that run year-round for scouts to earn a variety of merit badges. Three Falls Camp in Frazier Park offers structured summer programs for scouts and is open year-round for individual troops to organize their own training programs.

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