Boy & Girl Joint Birthday Party Invitations

by Jen Kim
Make co-ed party invitations that both boys and girls will enjoy.

Make co-ed party invitations that both boys and girls will enjoy.

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Throwing a joint birthday party doesn't have to be double trouble --- just apply one of these unisex invitation theme ideas. Modify these suggestions for any age range, from toddlers to teenagers. Make these inexpensive invitations, using basic crafting supplies and other dollar-store goods.

Glow in the Dark Notes

Children of both sexes love items that glow in the dark. Craft space or star-themed invitations, using glow in the dark paint, markers or stickers. Cut black craft paper into stars or other cosmic shapes. Write the party details on the back side of the shape, using the neon markers. Decorate the front of the invitation with stickers, markers and glitter. You can also create a dual Sun and Moon-themed invitation to represent the joint birthday party aspect. On one side of the paper, create a moon, and on the other side, create a sun. Write the party info on the moon side.

Picture Puzzles

A picture invitation is worth a thousand words and maybe a thousand pieces. Print out a photo of the birthday boy and girl or combine two separate photos in an editing program. Write the party details on the front of the picture, in permanent marker. Cut up the photograph into puzzle pieces and place in an envelope. Include an instruction note asking recipients to put the puzzle together to reveal the invitation.

Silhouette Cards

Silhouettes are creative and elegant ways to showcase your young ones' profiles. To make quick and simple profiles, take a photo of the birthday boy's and girl's profile. Cut out the profile and glue it onto a piece of white copy paper. Color the picture in with permanent marker and make a copy; you should have a perfect silhouette. Glue the silhouettes on the front of card stock. Draw or use a stamp to create a pretty border around the pictures. Write the names of the birthday boy and girl beneath their profiles. Include the party details on the back of the card.

Beach Ball Invites

For a fun beach-themed birthday party, send creative invitations that can double as toys. Purchase blue beach balls for the boys and pink or purple balls for the girls. Blow up the balls and write the party details on the ball. Then deflate the balls and place them in individual envelopes to distribute to guests. You can also instruct guests to bring balls to the party to use to make teams for games and activities.

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