How to Booty Dance Step-by-Step

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Use the booty dance in hip-hop clubs.

Use the booty dance in hip-hop clubs.

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Using the butt as the center of gravity and motion, the booty dance is a rhythmic social dance that is sensual and fun at the same time. In much the same way you bob your head to music, booty dancing involves marking the rhythm with your butt. The trick to booty dancing is the way you combine inward and outward motions with side-to-side motions, so that your butt always "pops" on the beat of the song at the right time.

Step 1

Put on some rap, hip-hop, reggaeton or dancehall music. You want to dance the booty dance to something with a strong, thumping baseline.

Step 2

Stand with your legs just a bit more than shoulder-width apart. Bend your knees slightly and adopt a comfortable, relaxed stance.

Step 3

Move your hips in and out in time with the music. Outward movement should be arching your back and sticking out your butt, and inward movement is bringing your hips forward and tucking in your butt.

Step 4

Keeping the inward-outward motion going, shift your weight from side to side. Your outward motion should coincide with you being on one side and the inward motion should happen when you are back in the middle of your stance. It should look like you are "popping" your booty from one side to the other.

Step 5

Once you have combined the inward-outward motion with the side-to-side motion, raise your arms up and move your hands in time with the music. The more comfortable and on rhythm you get with the booty dance, the more emphasis you can throw into your hand movements.

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