Book Summary of "Dating Game" by Danielle Steel

by Alexis Rohlin

"Dating Game" is Danielle Steel's 57th published novel. The novel's main character, Paris Armstrong, has a happy life, with a wonderful marriage of 24 years, two grown children and a home in Connecticut. That is, it is happy until her husband makes the declaration that he wants a divorce.

Paradise Lost

When her husband, Peter, tells her they need to talk, she has no idea what is wrong. Soon, Paris's dreams are shattered when he informs her that he wants a divorce and the reason behind it is that he has fallen in love with a younger woman. He has a 31-year-old lover and wants to live with her; they have made plans for their future together -- a future that does not include Paris.

Picking Up the Pieces

Paris is left with a broken life when Peter leaves her. All her plans of growing old and living with him for the rest of her life are ruined. She is hurt and feeling betrayed and abandoned. Paris is lost, hopeless and unsure of what to do next or where her life will lead her now that Peter is gone.

Dating Game

Paris's friends start to send men her way and fix her up with blind dates while she is dealing with the pain of her loss. She ends up comparing all her dates to Peter. Paris soon realizes that she needs a change of scenery to get on with her life and get over Peter. Paris moves to San Francisco. In San Francisco, she finds supporting, well meaning friends who help her get her back into the dating game.


Through a series of disastrous dates, Pairs learns that she can love again and that she is now free to do whatever she wishes with her life.