Book Summary of "Atlantis Found" by Clive Cussler

by Rebecca Mayglothling

"Atlantis Found" by Clive Cussler was published by Penguin Books in 1999. The book is one of a series featuring protagonist Dirk Pitt. The novel belongs to the mystery and adventure fiction genre. Many readers who enjoy adventure, tough guys and the ocean will find enjoyment in the action in this novel.

Strange Occurrences

An aged wreck is discovered in the Atlantic with mysterious cargo. Ancient inscriptions are discovered in Colorado then quickly destroyed. A research ship is attacked by a ship from the past. These mysteries and occurrences happen in sequence and are too bizarre not to be connected.

Dirk Pitt

Dirk Pitt is the main character of the novel and the Director of Special Projects for the U.S. Underwater and Marine Agency. He, too, believes the events are connected. He begins an investigatory project to determine not only the causes of the episodes but also the sources of the ships and explosions that have affected and baffled American experts.

Warnings from the Past

Pitt discovers the happenings are warnings from the past regarding America's future. Pitt and his friends discover an artifact, which is a clue to the mishaps and future destruction, and they race to find other artifacts. Dirk Pitt and crew need to prove that the events are related signs and warnings to avoid a catastrophic future event.

An Old Enemy

As the search continues, an old enemy of Dirk resurfaces. Dirk and friends discover that the enemy is behind a diabolical plan to destroy all mankind. One mystery of the book is the identity of the enemy as well as the identity of the person or group sending clues from the past to stop the destruction of the human race.

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