How to Book a Rapper for a Party

by Si Kingston

Hiring a rapper to perform at your party will often help draw a crowd, and help to ensure that your event brings in money or is a success. The cost to book a rapper can range anywhere from $300 to book a local artist to $100,000 to book a celebrity rap artist. Many rap artists can be booked for less than $10,000. In addition to money, some artists will require special accommodations on and off-stage before they will accept a job.

Step 1

Select a rapper that is appropriate for the audience. A popular local rapper is more ideal for a private party or local event. A rapper that uses obscenities may not be appropriate to perform at an event for children.

Step 2

Finalize a budget for talent. The cost to hire celebrity rap artists is often more than hiring local talent. The total cost must include all fees to not only book the rapper, but to also pay for incidentals such as travel and hotel.

Step 3

Pick a rapper to book for the party. Most entertainers have their own websites with contact information. Search websites like GigMasters or GigSalad to find local rap talent. To schedule a celebrity rapper, contact a booking agent like Grabow, Booking Entertainment, EJams Entertainment Booking Agency or Book A Rapper.

Step 4

Explain the details of the event to the booking agent or rapper. Describe the type of event, where the event is located, the predicted size of the audience, and how many songs you want him to perform. The rapper, or booking agent, will then respond to the offer and give you the booking price.

Step 5

Ask the booking agent or rapper pertinent questions about his performance and travel details. Some rappers will perform over a track, and their contract will specify either a D.J. or sound system to play the track. Many rappers also have hype men, or other performers on stage to hype the crowd, whom will all need a separate microphone. Ask if he will require a hotel room, or additional rooms for his entourage, a dressing room, food or security.

Step 6

Read over and sign the contract. Most rappers and booking agents will have their own contracts, and will provide it to you by fax or email. The contract must specify the total booking price, required travel accommodations, stage setup and any security requirements.

Step 7

Pay the deposit to the rapper or agent. Artists and agents will ask for a deposit of 20 to 50 percent of the booking fee.

Step 8

Send the event information to the rapper, including the address of the party, time, date, hotel address, contact phone number, and any other information that he will need to know.

Step 9

Setup the stage. Many rappers don't have dancers or musicians, but will often only need room for a couple of hype men and a D.J. Make sure that you have proper lighting for the stage. You can often arrange for a D.J. to bring the lighting if one is hired.

Step 10

Pay the rapper the rest of the money owed at the start or end of the event. Many rappers will accept cash or check. Have the rapper sign a receipt acknowledging the funds.

Tips & Warnings

  • To throw a party for profit, book a rapper who will draw the type of crowd you want to attract. For example, the rap group Black Eyed Peas will often draw a different crowd than the rapper 50 Cent.
  • An additional 10 to 20 percent fee is added to the total booking fee to pay for the booking agent.

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