Bonfire Crafts for Kids

by Kristen Marquette
Perform bonfire crafts year round.

Perform bonfire crafts year round.

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People build bonfires to burn trash, to celebrate holidays such as Guy Fawkes Day (a U.K. holiday) or the Fourth of July, and to socialize with friends and family. Roast marshmallows, cook hotdogs, make s'mores, or build crafts at a bonfire party. If the weather is not cooperating to hold a real bonfire, or to prepare for certain holidays, create bonfire crafts.

Paper Bonfire

Since bonfires usually take place at night, choose a black or dark-blue piece of construction paper for the background. Cut out elongated teardrop shapes from yellow, red, or orange tissue paper, crepe paper, or construction paper. Attach the teardrop shapes to the background paper with glue to form the bonfire flames. Collect small twigs and glue them to the bottom of the flames. Alternatively, cut rectangles out of brown construction paper and glue them under the flames to serve as logs.

Marshmallow Roasting Craft

Everyone enjoys roasting marshmallows on a bonfire. On a piece of black or dark-blue construction paper, draw a bonfire using red, yellow, and orange crayons or markers for the flames, cut the flames out of construction paper and glue them to the darker paper. Near the flame or slightly overlapping with the flame, draw a large rectangle. Cover the rectangle in white cotton balls to make the marshmallow. Find a thin, medium-length stick and glue it to the paper as the roasting stick.

Bonfire Can

Turn an empty soup can---or any small tin can---into a three-dimensional bonfire craft. Begin by peeling the label off a soup can and sanding down any sharp edges around the opening of the can. Paint the can brown or black so it resembles a barrel. Stuff a piece of red tissue paper into the can so the edges and corners extend a few inches above the can. Then stuff a piece of orange tissue paper into the red paper, and a piece of yellow tissue into the orange paper. You may trim the extended tissue paper to resemble flames or leave them as is.

Twig Bonfire

To make a twig bonfire craft, collect straight twigs that are the same height. Insert one end of each stick into a small ball of modeling clay. Form a tepee with the sticks, using the clay to attach them to a cardboard base. Tie a piece of string around the twigs where they meet. Cut teardrop shapes out of red, yellow, and orange card stock and glue them around the top of the tepee. Crumpled up tissue paper also works as the flames.

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