What Is a Bohemian Party?

by Audrey Farley
Bohemian parties are very colorful and decorated.

Bohemian parties are very colorful and decorated.

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Parties and social gatherings are often themed to honor a certain tradition or are simply for the sake of entertainment. Bohemian-themed parties promote a free-spirit or perhaps counter-cultural mood, through bohemian or gypsy traditions, decorations and costume. Bohemian parties may be formal or casual, outdoors or in. What distinguishes bohemian parties are eclectic, off-beat and artsy themes.


Bohemian-themed parties are often chosen for wedding receptions, but they are also hosted for birthdays, reunions or other social gatherings. Sometimes, they incorporate other themes, such as an "Arabian Nights" or Indian theme. Bohemian parties are appropriate for guests young and old.


Bohemian parties often feature belly dancers, who may simply perform for entertainment or also instruct guests. Henna tattoo artists are also popular at bohemian parties, inking guests with elaborate and ornate designs on the hands and arms. The party may feature a fortune-teller, as gypsies were known for this talent, or a snake charmer.


Bohemian parties are often, although not necessarily, held outdoors, since bohemians are known for loving nature and being close to the Earth. Outdoor parties may use tents, while indoor parties often incorporate tents, canopies or drapes to create a bohemian setting. Other decorations frequently include beads, flowers, floor pillows, genie lamps and Oriental or floral-print carpets. Typically, decorations feature rich jewel tones and sparkling accents. Incense and music are also common.


Party invitations often encourage guests to wear bohemian-style clothing or costumes. Bohemian fashion varies. Some styles are nature-inspired, using a lot of earth tones, flowers and jewelry made from stones or feathers; other styles are vintage or eclectic, featuring lots of gaudy beads, streamers and other hippie or Art Deco elements. Importantly, bohemians are carefree and adventurous, so guests may simply be encourage to dress to express their free spirits.

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