Bob Marley Party Themes

by Jen Kim
Pay homage to rastafarian culture with a Bob Marley-themed party.

Pay homage to rastafarian culture with a Bob Marley-themed party.

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A Bob Marley-themed party is a festive way to pay tribute to the reggae legend, who still remains a cultural icon. Enjoy these fun theme ideas for decorations, food, invitations and activities to get your guests in the rastafarian groove. And don't forget to make an original party playlist, featuring Marley, of course.


Invite your guests in true rasta style by sending out Carribean-themed invitations. Fold a piece of card stock in half to make a card. Cut out four strips of construction paper, one yellow, one green, one red and one black. Arrange the strips so they cover the front of the card. Glue the strips in place and trim the overhang. Draw a silhouette of Marley's head on the colored stripes and either color in black or cut out using an X-acto knife.


Dancing is a must at any Bob Marley-themed party. In addition to Marley's music, mix up your playlist with jams from a variety of related genres, including calypso, jazz, blues, reggae and rock. Encourage guests to come in costume and have a Bob Marley look-alike contest. Alternatively, set up a karaoke machine and invite guests to croon their favorite Marley tune. For true Bob Marley fans, organize a trivia game to test who knows the most about Marley's life. A limbo game and a bonfire are also fun and festive beach-themed ideas.


Have your party outside to help enhance your tropical theme. Section off the yard, using bamboo dividers. Decorate the walls with palm leaves and Bob Marley posters. You can also set up tiki torches around the perimeter. Decorate tables with bowls of bright colored fruit, such as pineapples and coconut. Choose bright tropical colors or rasta colors (red, green, yellow and black) when deciding on table cloths, balloons, streamers and plates. Give sunglasses and temporary tattoos to guests as party favors.


Prepare seafood appetizers such as crab cakes, coconut fried shrimp or crab salad. For the main dish, serve Jamaican favorites, like jerk chicken with plantains or Jamaican patties with rice and peas. Provide a variety of fruity alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, all served with colorful drink umbrellas. If serving beer, include Jamaican Red Stripe. For dessert, key lime pie is the obvious choice. Decorate the top of the pie with rasta colors or design a Bob Marley face, using colored icing. You can dye icing any color using food coloring.

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