"Bob the Builder"-Themed Birthday Party Games

by Derek Gonzales
Any proper

Any proper "Bob the Builder" party has to begin with donning hard hats and vests.

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A "Bob the Builder"-themed party will be sure to delight any young child who is a fan of this character. You can make Invitations from different characters such as Lofty the Crane or Scoop the Scooper. Greet guests with orange vests and hard hats. Give them a badge with their name on it and a job, such as "Jason, Dump Truck Driver." Direct children to a block area to play while they wait for others to arrive. Party favors can include toy construction vehicles and "Bob the Builder" books. Games can also follow the Bob theme.

Build a City

Fill a sandbox with an assortment of toy cars and trucks. Place plenty of various-sized cardboard boxes, strips of cardboard, and wooden blocks nearby. Instruct your young guests to use the materials to build a city. They can use the cardboard boxes to build houses and the strips can be roads for the cars. The blocks can be used to make the city's skyscrapers. If you do not have a sandbox, find an outdoor play area, spread out a plastic tarp, and dump a few bags of play sand from a home improvement store onto it.

Stick the Wrench on Bob

Create a large poster of Bob the Builder. You can either enlarge a copy of a coloring page, which you can find online at the official Bob the Builder website, you can draw your own poster, or you can buy a poster. Check with your local party supply store to see what it has available. Create a template of a wrench, and trace it onto construction paper. Cut one wrench out for each party guest. Place a strip of double-sided tape on the back of each tool. Played like Pin the Tail on the Donkey, this game involves blindfolding guests and having them stick the wrench on Bob's tool belt. The guest who gets closest is the winner. With very young guests, you may want to consider making everyone a winner.

Bob the Builder Obstacle Course

Create several stations for a Bob the Builder obstacle course. For example, at the Roley station, guests would use toy mowers to "cut" a strip of lawn. At the Muck the Dump Truck station, children would fill a large toy dump truck with sand and then dump it into a specified area. The young guests do not need to compete against each other as in a typical obstacle course. Instead, the fun of completing each task should provide sufficient amusement. Once everyone has had a chance to go through the course, the stations may serve as free play centers.

Phone Search

Since Bob is always losing his cell phone, have a cell phone treasure hunt. Before the party, hide one toy cell phone throughout the room for each guest. At game time, tell everyone that Bob has lost his phone again and he really needs it. It is up to the guests to find it. For extra fun, ring a cell phone each time one is found. For a variation, bury several cell phones in the sandbox for guests to find by digging.

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